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Council (pre) review

Usually, we’d post a little council preview today, but as council was moved to last night (First night of Hannukah tonight, don’t ya know) ,  we’ll do a quick hit review that’s also a PREVIEW of this week’s issue…


The council committees have always been a bit of a bludgeoning-cum-razor for sitting mayors.  Sort of the swiss army knife of the council.  Mayors rewarded allies with plum committee chairmanships, banishing enemies to things like “Veteran Affairs.”   Almost everyone wanted a change to the system, but nothing concrete was ever done.

So just about every councilor was pleased with a plan presented last night that would reduce the number of committees from 20 to 10, giving each councilor one chair position, and two other seats.

But having everyone agree wasn’t quite enough.  Councilor Rick Rushton said he was glad that Konnie Lukes had “come around in the last 2 hours or two days,” and repeated the retort at the end of his comments.

Lukes just laughed.  She had, after all, proposed the order in the first place, several months ago.


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