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Globe discovers Worcester has music

The Boston Globe has been giving Worcester some serious love lately. Along with the usual dreck, There was that November Boston Globe Magazine snapshot on living in Worcester; now, the Globe’s Travel section brings us a look at Worcester’s “club renaissance.”

“Traveling to Worcester for entertainment was all the rage in the ’80s and early ’90s. The Worcester Centrum dominated the arena-rock market then. Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel played there. Clubs sprang up around the Centrum, including the Firehouse and Bahama Bob’s. Both are gone now, while the Centrum – renamed the DCU Center – gets a fraction of the shows that it once did.

“But Worcester’s club culture is enjoying a renaissance, especially when it comes to live rock, heavy metal, roots music, and the blues. Bars have taken over run-down industrial spaces and refashioned them into gentrified night life destinations.”

The article – with the Telegram’s Scott McLennan playing tour guide – is a good look at some of the main music halls in town, if not terribly adventurous (The Palladium, Vincent’s, Nick’s, Ralph’s, Gilrein’s and the Lucky Dog are all profiled). But it’s nice to see the Globe discover there’s some life beyond 495.

Check out the article and the accompanying slide show.


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Monday’s breaking news: It’s icy

Make it out of your house alive? Congrats, and we’ll give five bucks to the first person at tonight’s weekly An Cu Liath Irish Pub City Run that makes it up the Harrison Street hill outside our office.

Some Monday news for you:

  • It’s icy. Seriously, maybe you missed it, but it’s freakin’ slippery out there, especially on the roads that aren’t “main arteries.” People aren’t getting to work, kids were still getting picked up for school at 10:30 this morning, buses are getting rammed into…it’s like a lame version of The Day After Tomorrow. The Telegram staffers are all over the situation, as are the Channel 3 crew for their broadcast tonight. Us? We’ll stay here, thanks.
  • As was reported here first last week, Anna Maria College announced plans this morning to expand their Paxton campus, and open up a satellite location in Worcester. It’s huge news, and even though a location isn’t set yet (they are hoping to be locked in in 60 days), city and college officials sounded confident that a suitable location would be found. The city’s druthers? City Manager Michael O’Brien was overheard telling Anna Maria President Jack Calareso that he really liked “the idea of you guys at CitySquare.”
  • Both O’Brien and Mayor Konnie Lukes spoke glowingly of the positive impact Anna Maria and other colleges/universities have on Worcester, both economically and otherwise. It was hardly PILOT-level talk, which is either fantastic or awful, depending on your perspective.  “[We’ll do] anything within our ability to make this happen [including for] other academic institutions,” said Lukes, adding that one of her goals is for Worcester to be “one of the smartest cities in New England.” Our suggestion for a first step to being the smartest? Kill that “City that reads” slogan.
  • Aaaaand…it’s icy.

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