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In case you missed it, we posted an early blog log last week.

Also, this:

Posted by “FreeArtWorcester” on 

FreeArtWorcester creates original works of FreeArt from recycled and reclaimed materials to distribute the power of art which includes but is not limited to: smiles, chuckles, warm fuzzy feelings, euphoria, dancing, inquisitiveness , exchanging ideas etc.

FreeArtWorcester will do everything in its power to distribute, display and mount all of its FreeArt in a way that will not permanently deface or destroy public or private property or the natural environment.

FreeArtWorcester will photograph all its FreeArt creations as they were left on location. These photos will then be displayed here on this blog as evidence as such and will allow comments to be made about the artwork. All comments, encouragement and constructive criticism is welcome. FreeArtWorcester is not responsible for its FreeArtwork once it is found/removed by a member of the public from its location.

FreeArtWorcester is an anonymous entity who enjoys making art and sharing it with others FOR FREE, none of the FreeArtwork is for sale and should never be exchanged for money. Each individual FreeArt creation will be indentified by the address.

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It’s really amazing to me how many dirtbags there are in this city.
I don’t mean gang banging minority types.
I mean white trash people. Guys that wear tank tops out in public, have neck tattoos, speak like they’re retarded, in loud, raspy, cigarette smoker voices, cursing every other word, etc, etc….
Don’t these people realize that they look and act like trash?
Honestly, how could they not see it?
Don’t they care?
I sometimes wonder if they go out of their way to appear like this.

They must.

I mean, a neck tattoo is a thought out, permanent message to the world that you’re a loser.

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Raw Data: Commerce Bank’s press release protesting TD Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is suing TD Bank Financial group over TD’s proposed name change to “TD Commerce Bank.”  The move would mean downtown Worcester would be left with competing Commerce Banks next door to each other; current-Commerce says it would hurt their business.

The release, below.

March 31, 2008

Commerce Bank & Trust Company, which is headquartered in Worcester, and which conducts its business as Commerce Bank, has sued the Toronto, Canada based TD Bank Financial Group and three other out of state banks over their plans to begin doing business in Massachusetts under the name “TD Commerce Bank.”

The lawsuit, filed today in the United States District Court in Worcester, asks the Court to prohibit TD Bank from doing business under the name “TD Commerce Bank.” Advertisements indicating plans to do so have recently appeared in Massachusetts newspapers.

Commerce Bank has operated continuously in Massachusetts since 1955. It has twelve branches and serves customers throughout Massachusetts.

David G. Massad, Commerce Bank’s Chairman, noted that “For more than fifty years, there has been only one Commerce Bank in Massachusetts. Just because they are a big bank doesn’t mean that we’re going to let them steal our name and attempt to steal our customers.”

“We believe that TD Banknorth’s proposed use of ‘TD Commerce Bank’ in Massachusetts is a direct violation of our rights, and will inevitably create confusion,” said Commerce Bank’s President, Brian W. Thompson. According to Thompson, there has already been confusion among Commerce Bank’s customers, many of whom have misunderstood TD Bank’s advertisements to suggest that it has taken over Commerce Bank. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Thompson.

“This is a tremendous risk to our Bank,” Thompson said. “Commerce Bank has had a proud history of community banking for over fifty years, and it’s obvious that TD Banknorth is attempting to take advantage of our reputation and goodwill.”

According to Thompson, Commerce Bank’s name is protected by a registered Massachusetts trademark with rights dating back to 1955. In 2002, Commerce Bank learned that the New Jersey Commerce Bancorp, recently purchased by TD Bank, was considering expanding banking operations into Massachusetts. At that time, Commerce Bank sent the New Jersey bank a letter demanding that it cease and desist. While New Jersey Commerce Bancorp did not respond to the letter, Thompson noted that it has never contested Commerce Bank’s ownership or registration of its Massachusetts trademark and, until their recent advertisements, never attempted to expand into the Commonwealth.

Thompson said that upon reading the recent advertisements the Bank immediately objected and put the defendants on notice of its rights, with no response, and that he believes that they still intend to proceed with their plans. “They left us no alternative,” said Thompson.

The complaint, which was filed this morning in the Worcester court, also seeks attorneys’ fees, compensatory, and punitive damages against Commerce and TD Banknorth as well as seeking to immediately enjoin TD Banknorth and the other defendants from use of the Commerce Bank name in Massachusetts.

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The cop who shot the dog

WPD Officer Mark Rojas, the cop who shot a dog last week, has certainly had more than his due share of negative publicity over the past few years.

  • In January 2005, Dianne Williamson reported that Rojas, locked in a bitter custody battle, was accused of harassing, threatening, and assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her husband in incidents dating to 2003. At one point, Rojas allegedly jumped in the husband’s car and began to choke him as the husband called 911. In another incident, Rojas allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, her new partner, and himself. While the victims’ complaints of harassment to Internal Affairs were dismissed, a District Court judge eventually issued a criminal complaint charging Rojas with assault and battery.

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Services for Ralph will reportedly be this Saturday; there will be a gathering at Ralph’s Diner afterwards in his memory.

Keep checking the Ralph’s MySpace page for more.

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RIP Ralph Moberly

Services for Ralph Moberly will be held at the First Unitarian Church on Main Street, next to the old courthouse, at 11am this Saturday, April 5.  There will be an open, all day celebration of his life at Ralph’s for the rest of the day.


Ralph Moberly, the founder of Ralph’s and the man responsible for reopening the Corner Lunch, has passed away from a heart attack. This is sad, sad news for Worcester; Ralph was, as much as anyone, responsible for the creation of “Wormtown.”

We’ll update with more information as it becomes available.


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A very special midweek bloglog

One blog log is good; two is freakin’ fantastic. Enjoy.

Posted by “Paulie’s Point of view” on

The City of Worcester has a huge upside such as all the incredible intelligensia institutions, easy access to major hwys, and close proximity to incredible rural experiences such as Wachusett Mtn & Quabbin Reservoir that I really enjoy with my pooch Buddy the Beagle.

The “Urban Stimulation” is limited to a lot of new restaurants and pubs but the museums are spread out within areas that nothing of interest abuts and there are few if any locations where one can go to to hear poetry readings, buy a book or magazine, listen to a street musician or entertainer….one just does not feel the aura of a college town like one feels in Boston, Cambridge & Somerville..the campuses there are beehives of activity..the students roam about the cities making their mark like my beagle does on the tree outfront:>) and an incredible amount of business sprout up offering up that “Urban Simulation” that urban dwellars (modern day urban dwellars) need to survive:>)

So why am I here..excellent question?

I’ll follow up on that question in future blogs..there are many positive responses to this question:>)

Posted by “Mike O’Risal” on

Still, I realize that there are people in this country who disagree with my point of view, so let’s assume for a moment that the parents were right. Their faith simply wasn’t strong enough to save their daughter’s life. If you’re a fundamentalist parent contemplating praying over a critically ill child instead of getting them medical treatment, how do you know if your faith is strong enough before you turn your offspring into worm-food?

Lucky you, finding Hyphoid Logic today! I have a simple test you can take.

First, you’ll need a handgun. A .22 will do, but I suggest using a snub-nosed .44 if you can get one.

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A new blog: Paulie’s Point of View

This should be good.

Our good friend Paul Collyer is launching a new blog that will bring his unique brand of commentary to the Worcester scene.

This will quickly become a must-read—check out the new kid on the block here.

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