“The Wereth 11” debuts tonight

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Tonight at 9:00 the National Geographic Channel will premier “The Wereth 11,” a movie about a group of African American soldiers caught behind enemy lines in Belgium. The rest of the story — like most war stories — is brutal.

There’s a local angle in all of this. The story was largely forgotten, even by the US military. West Boylston resident Christian de Marcken took up their cause, however, and was able to get a monument dedicated to them in Winchendon. Worcester Mag profiled de Marcken and the story of the Wereth 11 in a February 2010 cover story on African American veterans.

De Marcken says he’ll be watching tonight, and will give us his review tomorrow.

The trailer for the film:

Update: De Marcken said he liked what he saw, but suspects much of the movie was cut for television. “It was very factual. There was nothing you could say was stretched.”

“It ended abruptly, like it was missing something.”

De Marcken says he’s going to track down a copy of the full version and try to get in touch with the producer.



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2 responses to ““The Wereth 11” debuts tonight

  1. Oscar Gillon, Sr.

    PFC. George Davis of Alabama, is my fist cousin, once removed, I arranged the ceremony for the Posthumous awarded metals to our family for
    PFC Davis. I also traveled to DC to the Nat Archives to review the once
    classified files of the Wereth 11 murders. This trailer: “It was very factual. There was nothing you could say was stretched.” But you must read the actual wartime files and see the actual pictures taken in the field in Feb /1945 to get the full impact of what happened.

    At the time of the award ceremony; I told the general that I believed that they were tortured inside a building and not in the field. I also said that someone should have been prosecuted for the murders. Even now.

  2. Jeanine Beaujot

    Belgium is my home country, in April I returned for 6 weeks while there I visited the memorial 3 times first time when I got there, the secont on Memorial day and the third time 2 days before I returned to Philadelphia.
    2 days before memorial day my friend and I purchased 10 dozen of roses before leaving the States I purchased 100 American flags, together we attached 2 roses and a flag with a bleu and white rubon, we did this on the American cimetery’s stepes then we placed these arangements on the graves of 8 of the “WERETH 11” then on graves that have been adopted by Belgians, my friends. One of my friends made a documentary about the “WERETH 11” I had the chance to see it when I was visiting him in Belgium, A great documentary but so painfull to watch.

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