“The absolute best thing Worcester Magazine has going for it right now is the Daily Worcesteria blog. It’s actually 371% more useful than the actual weekly paper. It would behoove the powers that be to monezite that bitch in a smart way via multiple daily newsletters and mobile delivery then begin transitioning the majority of their content to real-time web distribution and use the paper weekly as a journal of sorts.” -Brendan Melican,

“If you’re not checking Daily Worcesteria every day, then you’re missing WoMag’s Scott Zoback doing his backchannel best. When things of interest happen in Worcester, Scott will liveblog it, too.” – Jeff,

“I forsee this site here being the “hub” of the Worcester blogosphere. I know I visit everyday for a nice mix of local news and politics and it is also a great “jumping off point” to click thru to other Woo blogs.” – 4 Rilla, 4 Rilla is for Real

“What I find unique about [Daily Worcesteria] is the community building influence and the honest approach to the issues that ARE Worcester. This site comes down to the people making a difference rather than the politically motivated people moving the city back decades. Loving it! Must read!” – Papamoka, Papamoka Straight Talk


3 responses to “Love&Hate

  1. Kate Toomey

    Scott does a great job in print and the blog. I agree with 4Rilla.

  2. Whose the guy who looks like Mike (or is it Mike) in the carbon monoxide poisoning?

  3. Not Mike.
    No idea who.

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