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A goodbye letter

Dear Worcester Mag,

I’m breaking up with you.

Those are not easy words for me to write, but it’s true. Four and a half years after I wrote a cover story on Jose Antonio Rivera with 24 hours notice as a favor, I’m out the door, on to a new challenge, still very much tied to the Worcester community. (And no, deadlines never got any more forgiving).

I love this paper. I love what we stand for in the community, our approach, and our influence.

We aren’t the paper of record and we’re not the paper of “gee, wouldn’t it be nice….”

No. We’re the upstart, the underdog, the engine that could. A little edgy, a bit snarky, and a lot more fun. We’re the paper that tells the story with depth and analysis; sometimes, we’re the paper that gets the story first. We’re the publication that calls out politicians on their shenanigans, and literally shapes the A&E community. We have attitude, and we ain’t afraid to show it.

In a word, we’re smarter: in our choice of stories, how we cover them, and how we write them. When I started here, I was grounded by a few key questions on a weekly basis: Why are we doing THIS story? Why are we doing this story NOW? Why are WE doing this story?

The way Worcester Magazine answers those questions on its best day sets it apart from the imitators, and gives us our strength. We keep the bastards honest, we keep the readers in the know, and we have fun doing it.

Worcester Magazine is what I read at Clark University to get to know this city. It’s what I used to launch my writing career, and it’s what I’ll use in my future endeavors to stay informed about what has become my city.

I’ve had a hell of a four years working here, and watching the paper change. From bullying politicians shoving fingers in my face (one insisting all the while that he was “not a bully,”), to watching history made in 2006 statewide and 2009 nationwide, to seeing one of the bloodiest crime nights in recent city history up close and personal, it’s been a wonderful ride. Most importantly, I’m proud of the role we’ve all played in keeping our readers – the best damn readers there are – up to date about what’s going on around them.

It’s been an amazing time, and I look forward to seeing you all out and about.

Yes, Worcester Mag, I’ve loved you. But it’s time for me to go.


Scott Zoback



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Blog Log Digital 9/28/09

Posted by “Will W. W.”

The Wusta City Council had themselves a hoe down in West Boyalston a few months ago. They put on a group hung session to sooth their bruised egos and clear the air. They could of just as well had a few brews and grilled cheese sandwiches at the Red Baron and achieved the same end. An impasse. Seems all that dissing going down in the venerable council chambers is taking a toll. I say, give em boxing gloves. Last man or woman standing is mayor and may the best councilor win. Maybe take it outdoors gladiatorial style in that fancy new skating rink behind City Hall – that no one will ever use. Just like the good ole days in the Roman Coliseum with the public screaming for blood. I can see it now, Toomey the Terrible with a forked spear on the throat of Lukes the Albanian. Thumbs down? Sure, definitely, and why not. We sure as heck could use some cheap new entertainment venues downtown eh?

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This guy right here is running unopposed in District 2. He’s my district councilor. He is the councilor of Federal Sq, Downtown, North Main, Shrewsbury St and The Canal District. He chose not to respond to my interview. I’d print his name, but you know, screw him. Shutting the hell up is probably the smartest thing dude has done all term. I mean the guy who thinks that young people and their ideas are bad for Worcester should probably shut the hell up right? Hooray Phil, Worcester’s apathy gets you another term! Congrats. Thanks for not growing a pair and answering my interview!

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DA lays off two

According to Mass Lawyers Weekly, Worcester DA Joe Early Jr. laid off two employees last week due to budgetary issues.

Prosecutor Katherine Hatch and an administrative assitant lost their jobs.

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Turtle Boy Music Awards, tonight!

Maybe you’ve been living under a rock, but tonight is the Turtle Boy Music Awards.  That means a few things:

  • 33 award-winning bands!
  • 12 venues

The festivities – complete with Bob Largess’ stagecoach, buskers, and nice weather – kick off at 6pm tonight and go until 2am.  There will be music at clubs throughout the Canal District!

See you there!

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Better train service a reality?


According to the Associated Press, the $100 million deal between CSX and Massachusetts for the commonwealth to purchase rails from CSX, first announced a year ago, is final.

The Boston Herald reports that Lt. Gov. Tim Murray told the Boston Chamber of Commerce this morning of the deal, which also includes the New Bedford-Fall River lines.

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City Council Liveblog 9/22/09

7:12: Underway here at City Hall. Proclamations, etc. to start.

7:13: Multiple items on the reuse of the old Worcester Courthouse. One item on potentially using it as a new police station, another on the state’s process on disposing it.

One of the questions from the city councilors is whether or not the state’s Department of Capital and Asset Management’s disposal of the building will fit in with the city’s plans for redevelopment.

The city report on the state’s plan is here.

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Germain out

All at once now…Michael Germain called into the Jordan Levy show(as John mentioned in the comments), as we got a call from a City Hall source saying Germain was out.

That sets the stage for a four-way mayoral race–the same number that ran in 2007.

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