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Were out. Next meeting in late July.


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O’Brien on O’Brien

“Sincerely, I’m humbled…”

Says the city has been able to adapt quickly to major issues…commends, well, everyone from business leaders, colleges, lawmakers…

Thanks his cabinet….thanks just about every member of the city staff in the house by name.

Recognizes employees who aren’t here because of layoffs.

Still thanking people and departments.

“Im honored and privilaged to serve as City Manager.”

“I look forward to our collective bright effort.”

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Mayor Konnie Lukes evaluation

Lukes says that the councilors have all essentially viewed things the same way.

Lukes gives a 5, calling it a surprise even to herself. Says the manager does a good job and needs support.

(Also says the numbers speak for themselves as much as the narratives)

Lukes acknowledges she didn’t support O’Brien at first.

“He’s exceeded my expectations.”

Says he’s been successful at everything from being a cheerleader to CEO(and several other descriptons)

“He’s been persistent [and] flexible.”

She commends his ability to take tough unpopular stands.

Says he’s shown the needed toughness for the next few years.

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Councilor Phil Palmieri’s evaluation

“We’re only as good as the people who surround us,” says Palmieri, pointing to the employees filling the gallery. Several councilors have cited the cabinet and other employees as a key component of their positive evaluations.

Palmieri says it’s councilors’ jobs to do a better job reaching out to the manager, not vice versa.

Palmieri is more about what the council needs to do, his goals for his district, etc…though he mentions the inordinate impact the City Manager and his staff have.

Calls for more colleges to step up for PILOT…calls for redeveloping the Midtown Mall.

“I am grateful he is our manager. I am grateful he will be here an..indefinite time…until he decides.”


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Councilor Bill Eddy’s Evaluation

Says O’Brien in the monthly legislative summits with the local delegation is very impressive.

“Michael O’Brien understands that its about preserving a quality of life for our residents.”

Eddy acknowledges he’s not a huge fan of this form of government, but says O’Brien is a great fit for the job in the system we have.

Points…like everyone…to the ice storm.

Says police and public works have been solid.

Upcoming challenges: “I think you need another senior person…in your office.”

“As we move forward…with MassPort…I urge you to put [quality of life]…first and foremost.

Gives a 4.6.

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Paul Clancy’s Evaluation

Calls this a “well deserved” “love fest” reminscent of the 60s.. “What a difference a year makes.”He gives a 4.6.

Says O’Brien has a strong vision.

Finances: “You’re a magician with figures.”

“Youve defied people” on the airport, PILOT, etc.

“You have done an extraordinary job on the large issues…and [small].”

Points to CM O’Brien’s work on the ice storm.

Calls him the best City Manager of the three he has worked with.

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Rosen part two

He wants facade improvements and wants the city out of the airport business.

Says next year will be an even higher score.

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