Coalition: Fess up, Konnie

The Coalition of Worcester Retirees is asking Konnie Lukes “to publicly disclose where all the vehicles owned by the Lukes family have been registered since 1999 by 5 p.m. tomorrow. If Konnie Lukes refuses to disclose the complete and accurate excise history by 5 p.m. we will be asking her directly before the City Council meeting at 7 p.m.” This, on the heels of a Clive McFarland column that Lukes’ husband, Jim, registers two cars in Yarmouth and doesn’t pay Worcester excise taxes or insurance rates. The coalition, which has sparred with Lukes over Section 19, notes that in 2007 Lukes voted for two separate orders asking the city manager to investigate why excise tax revenue had decreased significantly despite population growth.



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4 responses to “Coalition: Fess up, Konnie

  1. Jordan Levy must be drooling all over himself with that shocker.
    Too bad Gentleman Jordan didn’t break that non-story.
    I guess he was too busy running interference for Gemme last week, putting his usual pathetic spin on cop related issues.
    No one will ever call Jordan Levy a Spinmeister.

  2. Every self respecting individual should go out of their way to avoid Worcester excise taxes. I applaud the act. Lukes would get my vote, just for that alone, if I wasn’t voting for the Tsilianos, or however yo spell his name. We just need to vote for all new outsiders to get the city back on track.

  3. Hey Williby, you’re pushing a copyright infringement. Too many W’s in your moniker.

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