Life imitating art

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A woman who alledgedly set fire to a three decker on Lafayette St., displaced 14 people and caused $300,000 worth of damage has been arrested by Worcester police officers, the Telegram reported today.

The woman, Keora McGill, lives on Euclid Avenue and used gasoline to set the fire, which is pretty much already a Tom Waits song.


Hey Charlie I’m pregnant and living on 9th Street
Right above a dirty bookstore off Euclid Avenue

And hey Charlie I think about you every time I pass a fillin’ station
On account of all the grease you used to wear in your hair

I need to borrow money to pay this lawyer and Charlie hey
I’ll be eligible for parole come Valentine’s day

*There is absolutely no implication here that Ms. McGill is pregnant, a sex worker or has ever lived in Minneapolis.


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