Clif Garboden, 1948 to 2011

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Former Boston Phoenix editor and altweekly champion Clif Garboden died last week from cancer. Amid the numerous tributes and well-wishes appearing in the Phoenix, writer Brian Goslow has penned a reminder to Bostoners that Garboden had a Worcester connection. (Not to mention an affinity for local music scene legend Captain PJ.)

I first met him in May, 1995 at a marathon all-day and all-night party for the first Worcester Phoenix Best Music Poll Award winners at the Lucky Dog Music Hall. When you’re locked in a building with someone for 12 hours you tend to get to know them and luckily for me we hit it off, because just over a month later, I was working for him as the Worcester Phoenix’s events editor.

The piece is well worth a read, even if you never picked up the Worcester Phoenix or cared about the Boston one.

As I pointed out in Worcesteria this week, a number of locals worked for Garboden at either the Worcester or Boston branch of the paper.


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One response to “Clif Garboden, 1948 to 2011

  1. Will W. W.

    Bostoners? Really now!

    WOMAG could learn a few lessons from the Boston Phoenix.

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