A goodbye letter

Dear Worcester Mag,

I’m breaking up with you.

Those are not easy words for me to write, but it’s true. Four and a half years after I wrote a cover story on Jose Antonio Rivera with 24 hours notice as a favor, I’m out the door, on to a new challenge, still very much tied to the Worcester community. (And no, deadlines never got any more forgiving).

I love this paper. I love what we stand for in the community, our approach, and our influence.

We aren’t the paper of record and we’re not the paper of “gee, wouldn’t it be nice….”

No. We’re the upstart, the underdog, the engine that could. A little edgy, a bit snarky, and a lot more fun. We’re the paper that tells the story with depth and analysis; sometimes, we’re the paper that gets the story first. We’re the publication that calls out politicians on their shenanigans, and literally shapes the A&E community. We have attitude, and we ain’t afraid to show it.

In a word, we’re smarter: in our choice of stories, how we cover them, and how we write them. When I started here, I was grounded by a few key questions on a weekly basis: Why are we doing THIS story? Why are we doing this story NOW? Why are WE doing this story?

The way Worcester Magazine answers those questions on its best day sets it apart from the imitators, and gives us our strength. We keep the bastards honest, we keep the readers in the know, and we have fun doing it.

Worcester Magazine is what I read at Clark University to get to know this city. It’s what I used to launch my writing career, and it’s what I’ll use in my future endeavors to stay informed about what has become my city.

I’ve had a hell of a four years working here, and watching the paper change. From bullying politicians shoving fingers in my face (one insisting all the while that he was “not a bully,”), to watching history made in 2006 statewide and 2009 nationwide, to seeing one of the bloodiest crime nights in recent city history up close and personal, it’s been a wonderful ride. Most importantly, I’m proud of the role we’ve all played in keeping our readers – the best damn readers there are – up to date about what’s going on around them.

It’s been an amazing time, and I look forward to seeing you all out and about.

Yes, Worcester Mag, I’ve loved you. But it’s time for me to go.


Scott Zoback



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35 responses to “A goodbye letter

  1. Noah R. Bombard

    It’s a great loss to the city to lose you, Scott. You’re one of the smartest reporters I ever worked with and I know first hand the commitment you’ve had to those three questions you mentioned above.

    Good luck to you in your new endeavor.

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  3. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about your “new thing.”

  4. liberal

    Please just tell me that you will be replacing Jim Polito on WTAG’s “the morning anti Obama rant”. Please, please, what I’d give for a fair and unbiased viewpoint on that station.

  5. Wow good luck, it’ll be giant shoes for someone to fill.

  6. Good Luck ,The City will miss you

  7. Man, as the Worcester Magazine ship slowly loses more talent… You had a great run there, Scott. Congratulations. Now they’ll have to replace you with ten underskilled interns and not even come close to the level of work, professionalism and fun you brought to a paper I pretty much ignore now. WoMag’s loss, that’s for sure. Good luck wherever you go next, but frankly, you won’t need luck.

  8. and now…..we take over the world!

  9. Steve

    Oh rats.

    Thanks for everything, Mr. Zo. (btw are you hiring?)

  10. Angela (wishbone)

    You and WoMag ARE Worcester for me. Central Ma was to me an empty foreign abyss until you dragged me all around town to some of the best shindigs, and WoMag always helped lead the way in my wanderings. I will miss reading your articles, but happy you’ll remain my friend. Thank you for making me like Worcester!

  11. Oh my! Our loss, for sure.

  12. Mike Warshaw

    How can anyone leave Worcester Mag(azine)?

  13. I’m speechless… still waiting for the other shoe to drop, though.

  14. Scott

    You did a great job and I wish you luck in whatever you decided to do.


  15. Agree with all that is said here.

    The Mag loses a great talent and no doubt you are off to something even bigger!

  16. I was surprised to read this. Best wishes. I will miss your on the spot coverage of the city council meetings. You were the only reason I would bother to listen to TAG. Thankfully, now I will not have to any longer.

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  19. Joe Taco

    Bummer. Now what am I going to read?

  20. John Mahoney

    Congratulations on your new position Scott, You will do well wherever you go. I enjoyed your work. All the best! John

  21. Cheese Whiz

    Hope it wasn’t something I said


    Much missed

    What am I going to do with all those “Zoback for Mayor”signs now?

  22. Dianne W.

    It’s been fun working with you. You’re a great reporter and writer and Womag has big shoes to fill. I was sad to hear you’re leaving, but happy you’re doing what you want. You’re a class act. Good luck and all the best.

  23. WTF! Best Wishes, Scott. You will be greatly missed.

  24. Why do I have this gut feeling our city is about to get some HUGE news.

  25. Kate Toomey

    Scott Zoback leaving WOMAG will leave very large shoes to fill. In fact, we might have a Guiness Book of World Records issue here! Thanks, Scott, for asking the right questions and keeping us all on our toes. You got a lot right, most of it, in fact. You saw people for who they really are, not what other people think.
    I hope I can now count you as a friend, and not just for business. I know you will still be around, but I just wanted to say thanks to doing a great job. Mazal Tov

  26. Paulie

    yah…..the park benches will be unlocked from now on

  27. huge news you dream of is another cat leaving a WooTown entity to make it big elsewhere…if what Wormy is stating on his blog is correct..Zoe is going to work for Chandler locally and at the State House and then he will move on to bigger and better things from the State House…..Harriet needed a nuevo make-up artist years ago….

    did you get his feeling after the shrimp scampi at Bocado or is just a feeling that came about ovah coffee at Widoffs??

  28. more huge news about something nuevo…..yesterday’s huge news is so passe…boy am I starting to sound like Wee Will Wo Wo..you have become a rah raher Gabriel

  29. Lee

    Hope the new venture keeps you close by.
    Wishing you nothing but success…

  30. Michelle May

    With eloquence, honesty and humor, so perfectly you…congratulations Scott. So glad to have gotten to know you. My best as if you need it, Michelle

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  33. charles pierce

    I started there myself, 30 years ago. It’s a hard place to leave. I’m proud that the Mag’s history of quality was left in good hands. Good luck down the road.

  34. Yo Scott!
    Thank you for your enthusiastic support and coverage of the Worcester Music Scene. You will be sorely missed by us local musicians.
    Best of success in your new adventures.
    Dana Lewis

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