Blog Log Digital 9/28/09

Posted by “Will W. W.”

The Wusta City Council had themselves a hoe down in West Boyalston a few months ago. They put on a group hung session to sooth their bruised egos and clear the air. They could of just as well had a few brews and grilled cheese sandwiches at the Red Baron and achieved the same end. An impasse. Seems all that dissing going down in the venerable council chambers is taking a toll. I say, give em boxing gloves. Last man or woman standing is mayor and may the best councilor win. Maybe take it outdoors gladiatorial style in that fancy new skating rink behind City Hall – that no one will ever use. Just like the good ole days in the Roman Coliseum with the public screaming for blood. I can see it now, Toomey the Terrible with a forked spear on the throat of Lukes the Albanian. Thumbs down? Sure, definitely, and why not. We sure as heck could use some cheap new entertainment venues downtown eh?

Posted by “Gabe” on

This guy right here is running unopposed in District 2. He’s my district councilor. He is the councilor of Federal Sq, Downtown, North Main, Shrewsbury St and The Canal District. He chose not to respond to my interview. I’d print his name, but you know, screw him. Shutting the hell up is probably the smartest thing dude has done all term. I mean the guy who thinks that young people and their ideas are bad for Worcester should probably shut the hell up right? Hooray Phil, Worcester’s apathy gets you another term! Congrats. Thanks for not growing a pair and answering my interview!

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

We know driving in Massachusetts takes a certain mindset, and driving in Worcester takes not only a mindset, but a few Hail Mary’s and The Lord’s Prayer to get through the City. I truly believe when some folks were learning to drive, they were never taught “the rules of the road” and “who has the right of way”. I’ve almost been run into at least twice today and I saw 2 near misses of people walking in crosswalks almost get clipped. Folks please slow down, show a little patience and pay attention to the road and not the cell phone or who may be looking at you! Thank you.

Posted by “Worcester Culture” on

Recks made an excellent point that the Health Care in this country is riddled with corruption and special interest legislation, which now forces people to die early , or suffer undo pain. It makes me laugh how republican’s often use misinformation to scare or brainwash people into fearing that Obama’s health plan has the government deciding who gets to live or die. Here is why that republican rhetoric is BS: 1. The government has laws protecting abortion, so, in effect tax payers are paying for indiscriminate murder on a day to day basis ( OK that may be a bi-partisan move). 2. The republicans have protected the health insurance and the health care industry’s ability to extort the general public for years. People have been and continue to die and suffer as they rarely have enough money or coverage to pursue their happiness of becoming healthy ( Thus violating the constitution ). We find, as Recks put it well, people electing to die out of frustration and lack of proper health care, or people who are forced to leave this country in hopes to find the dignified treatment that they deserve. The Cindy Chapman Story is a sad testament to the republican party and all other corrupt soulless politicians who we have stupidly elected. Shame on them and shame on us all. Rest in peace Cindy Chapman. I agree and also have written that true reform in Health care can only take place if with the elimination of health insurance companies, and hefty regulations to substantially lower all associated health care cost and pricing.

Posted by “Cira” on

Hey all, Trying to sort through the DRAMAZ that is Worcester city politics. Who do you want for mayor and why? Tough to get any info through all the hyperbole. From what I’ve heard, I really want to like Joe O’Brien

Posted by “CascadingWaters” on

The single biggest problem in American education is that no one agrees on why we educate. Faced with this lack of consensus, policy makers define good education as higher test scores. But higher test scores are not a definition of good education. Students can get higher scores in reading and mathematics yet remain completely ignorant of science, the arts, civics, history, literature and foreign languages. Why do we educate? We educate because we want citizens who are capable of taking responsibility for their lives and for our democracy. We want citizens who understand how their government works, who are knowledgeable about the history of their nation and other nations. We need citizens who are thoroughly educated in science. We need people who can communicate in other languages. We must ensure that every young person has the chance to engage in the arts. But because of our narrow-minded utilitarianism, we have forgotten what good education is. DIANE RAVITCH Ravitch is a historian. Her book ‘‘The Death and Life of the Great American School System’’ will be published in February. Amen! And I look forward to reading her book.

Posted by “Mike” on

Governor Deval Patrick has kept his promise o President Barack Obama and filled the vacant Senate seat of the late Edward M Kennedy. And he did it by side stepping a 90 day rule of laws taking effect. In Massachusetts, if a law is passed by the State Legislature and doesn’t have an emergency preamble attached, the new law takes effect in 90 days. In this case, the appointment of a Senate successor, Governor Patrick signed a letter stating an emergency exists to make the appointment immediately. What emergency! Since when is it an emergency to fill a vacant Senate seat, or other seat. Has there been any other time in history that any elected seat been filled in an emergency. The emergency really is that President Obama wants this seat filled so his healthcare bill will have its 60 votes to pass. So now a Superior Court Judge has denied the Massachusetts Republican Party a stay, ordering the Governor to wait the 90 days. The Democrats are the ones who failed to pass a proper emergency preamble bill on this law. And realistically; a State Court saying the Governor is wrong; NOT likely to happen.


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