Blog Log Digital 10/27/2009

Posted by “Jim Gonyea” on

The Boston Globe has a snippet about a push by the Republican senators in the State Senate. It appears that the five Republican senators are pushing a bill to require schools to teach about the proper care of the United State flag. I guess this means that all of our problems in Massachusetts have been solved and we can now focus on the flag. I’m glad that the unemployment rate in Massachusetts is no longer 9.3 percent. No, wait the Massachusetts unemployment rate is 9.3 percent. Okay, well I’m glad that this means that Massachusetts doesn’t have a budget problem right now. Oh, right, the state has a $300 million budget deficit and the Governor is suggesting a need to cut 2,000 state jobs. Well, I guess trying to come up with solutions to the state budget deficit and trying to find a way to stimulate the economy and put more Massachusetts citizens to work is hard to do. I suppose turning your back on that effort to focus on forcing public schools to teach about flag etiquette makes a lot of sense. After all if you have no good ideas on how to fix the major problems it’s easier to show to the voters that you’ve made progress on something that isn’t even a problem. Is there any wonder why there are only five Republicans in the State Senate?

Posted by “Claudia Snell” on

Summer really is over. The baby swans in Institute park have grown up. You can barely tell they are babies anymore. Except for a few brown feathers they look just like their parents. One of them is even nasty like his dad (I’m guessing ‘he’ by his size). The dad has left the pond as he usually does. Mom and the babies will be gone soon too. The parents did a great job – of the six babies, four have made it.

Posted by “LB Worm” on

The Patriots beat the Buccaneers 35 to 7 today in the heart of London at Wembley Stadium. I like football as a diversion. A diversion from the normal day to day activity of being unemployed. Everyone else was prolly at home or in a bar watching the game on their day off. With me, everyday is a day off. Now, some of you might say, “You got it made” I have never been this long without work since I was a teenager. When they say the recession is over, I cringe. I know at least 5 other people who are in the same situation as me. I have no savings or 401k to fall back on, a bad marriage took care of that. There is no American Dream. There is only a day to day survival. But still, you find something.  Rock n roll was always an escape. Getting involved in the local scene proved essential.
There are friends among you, that you don’t even know. Last week some of them came through and helped me and Jeff Worm keep doing one thing that matters, I guess. will carry on for another year. With a little help from our friends. Thanks

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

When it’s time to vote next week, I wonder if many people enter the  booth already knowing who they’re voting for? I’m the type of voter that typically does, but this year I’ve, so-called, “left the door open”. Not that I don’t know what the candidates’s platforms are, rather I want to see if anyone digs deep and truly states what they plan to do and what can be changed, within reason, of course. In speaking with some people this weekend, many had already made up  their mind and knew who they were casting their votes for. I appreaciate their feavor and wondered, aloud, why. Some could go on for days on what the candidate would bring to the table, whole others simply stated that they were voting for a particular candidate because of the candidate’s “name recognition”. Interesting in that water- cooler conversations still take place (watch out for that H1N1 and use a cup) and people are still influenced by their peers and word-of- mouth-marketing.

Posted by “Brent S. Abrahamson” on

Yes, it’s that time again. Halloween. I have to admit that I thought about not writing on this topic because my views about this may get me labeled as an old fogy. Someone has to say it, however, and I will take the plunge: Some people who go trick or treating are too old to do so. If you are a teenager who tricks or treats, don’t expect to be treated as a young adult—ever. Trick or treating is for children. Let me be clear: I am referring to those who go door-to-door looking for candy. I am not speaking of people who may enjoy costume parties or similar social occasions. I contend that once your age ends in “teen,” trick or treating should stop. Period.

Posted by “EXTRACHRIS_P” on

Even with the help of his best pall Obama standing by his side and praising the Governor, only about half of the tickets for Deval’s re-election push were sold. Doesn’t that tell you anything Deval?


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