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Council Liveblog

8:26: Meeting adjourned.

8:18: Bizarre series of events here…Rushton wanted to speak on the Research Bureau report on public bidding on construction, but had left the chambers to go to a wake. When he got back, the item had been taken already, and he was visually angry at Mayor Lukes. He just had the item reconsidered and held until next week, where it will be the first item of business.

8:04: Dig of the Night: The award goes to Mayor Lukes. After Phil Palmieri asked if the cable contract was gospel, Lukes retorted,”Anything is possible…you’re here.”

7:57: Mauro DePasquale is defending the important role of Public Access WCCA, and saying that the planned contract with Charter will potentially hurt he station. The upgrade to digital could be expensive, he says, and he questions if short term is really better than long term. Meanwhile, Councilor Paul Clancy is citing the Consumer Reports surveys that ranked Charter near the bottom of all services. Short term is probably better, he says. Continue reading



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First Surge game postponed

The Surge are going to have to wait an extra week to get moving.

According to a press release from the football team, their first game against the Lehigh Valley Outlawz is being postponed, so that Lehigh University can use the arena for Men’s and Women’s Patriot League playoff games.

The game is being rescheduled for June 14, the Surge’s first game will be on March 28th in Flint, Michigan, and the first home game will be on April 20th.

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Fun from the office window


Note to any drivers hauling bolt cutters/rope/duct tape/and sacks of mixed goods stacked haphazardly in the car trunk: Bumper stickers declaring your support for law enforcement doesn’t really help your cause. (Glodis, Hillman, AND….Yanis?)

It’s been a busy morning on Water Street: The arrest of this car’s driver was the second time State Troopers seized a car today. We don’t know what he is being charged with, but the cops spent a lot of time going through the contents of that trunk.

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