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Tim Murray is Governor

…at least for a day or two.

With “real” Governor Deval Patrick in the hospital for long-planned hip surgery, former Worcester Mayor and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray has the reins to the state.

No word on if he’ll declare Worcester the new capital.


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Is Tim Murray looking for an exit?

For weeks, speculation has abounded that Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray is at least exploring potential opportunities aside from running for reelection.  Beacon Hill rumors have centered around Murray insiders questioning the chances of a successful Deval Patick-Murray reelection, and the departure of Murray Chief of Staff Jim Leary only solidified those rumors.

Today, both the Boston Herald and Boston Globe ran stories questioning Murray’s plans; the Globe hinted Murray might be looking at a federal office (say, Ted Kennedy’s seat, should he leave), while the Herald focused on Murray’s intentions to run for either AG or Treasurer.

From the Herald:

Several legislators and other Beacon Hill operatives said Murray – frustrated by his low-key role in Patrick’s administration – has put out feelers and even discussed a run for treasurer with a fund-raiser.

“He’s been talking with people about it,” said one high-ranking legislator, who added Murray doesn’t attend many leadership meetings. “This guy seems to be completely out of the loop.”

…“I think he sees the writing on the wall with Patrick, and he’s trying to graciously exit,” said another legislator. “He knows he’s on the Titanic.”

Of course, both articles featured strongly worded denials from Murray or associates.  Murray Spokeman Michael Cohen told the Herald the rumors were “completely untrue,” while Murray himself told the Globe he was “110 percent” focused on running for reelection in 2010.

Yet, observers couldn’t help but be reminded of Murray’s comments when he was still running for reelection as Worcester’s Boy Mayor, when he consistently sidestepped rumors he was running for state office.

“”I’m running for re-election as Mayor,” he told us in March of 2005, as rumors of a Lieutenant Governor campaign surfaced.  It was just one of several identical comments leading up until his statewide campaign kickoff after his last successful mayoral race in late 2005.  Famously, Murray people were denying (or at least not admitting) his run even after that kickoff was scheduled, and its intentions known.


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Byrnes’ money

Former Superintendent office manager (and now former special education teacher) Donna Byrnes has been at the center of the storm over the past few days for being appointed to a position she had, by all accounts, no technical qualifications for.

So who has Byrnes – a 15 year employee of the School Department central office – been a political donor to?

Since 2005, Byrnes and an Edward Byrnes and an Edward Byrnes Jr. at the same address have given:

$1620 to City Councilor Michael Germain, $850 to Sheriff Guy Glodis, $600 to City Councilor Kate Toomey, $500 to Tim Murray, among other donations.

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MBTA/CSX/Commuter Rail announcement in the morning?

Big news could be coming in the morning regarding MBTA commuter rail trains.

A press conference on a “transportation announcement” has been called at Union Station at 7:45 AM, and a follow-up at South Station at 10:00. Both will feature Senator John Kerry, Congressman Jim McGovern, and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, who will ride the commuter rail between the cities.

No word on what the announcement is at this point. On the surface, we’d guess more roundtrip trains are coming to Worcester, although the rare appearance by Kerry could mean that an agreement between CSX and the state for rail ownership is finally on hand.

We’ll update this post if we hear more. Check back on the blog at 7:45 am for a liveblog of the press conference

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Deval meets the Turtle Boy

Two big announcements in one.  And, totally unintentionally, they’re related.

First, next Thursday, July 17, we’re continuing our Turtle Boy Thursdays series with a great night of music.  At least fifteen cover-free bands (and karaoke!) at no fewer than 11 clubs up and down Green Street, Water Street, Kelley Square, all the way to Nick’s on Millbury St.  All walkable, all free.

The same night, Daily Worcesteria has just learned, Governor Deval Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, and Congressman Jim McGovern will be hosting a so-called Obama-Clinton “unity rally” at the Hibernian Club on Temple Street.  And yes, we’ll be putting in an effort to get the Governor to check out the music scene.

In other words, get ready to call out next Friday.

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Murray’s Bulger pockets

Boston’s Bulger clan certainly likes to spread their money around when it comes to politicians.  The latest recipient of their generosity?

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray.

According to campaign finance filings, Murray got a total of $300, split evenly between former Senate and UMass President William Bulger of Boston and James Bulger (his son, not his infamous brother, we’re assuming) of Quincy.

Actually, Murray should be honored—only Thomas Menino, Stephen Murphy, and John Hart have received more from family members since January 2007.

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Tim Murray goes Bobblehead

The Worcester Sharks may be out of the playoffs, but they are celebrating their last home game next weekend, April 13 with a…unique giveaway.


Yes, that is a Tim Murray bobblehead, sporting the popular “Sharks jersey and khakis look.”  The first 3,000 fans will get the bobblehead, and Murray will be at the game.

As far as we could tell, there have been no Deval Patrick bobbleheads, although Mitt Romney has been honored.


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