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Things (we) (you) missed this week

What a week.  A debate raged over the cop who shot a dog; Wyman-Gordon hasn’t redeveloped their 20 acre property; and the UniverCity Partnership is fin

And then there was Tuesday’s Council meeting, when Konnie Lukes went after the wording in special legislation for an injured firefighter’s special pension.  The quote everyone focused on (including us) was Fire Chief Gerald’s Dio remark to Mayor Lukes about a firefighter with life threatening injuries who didn’t die eight years ago.  “I’m sorry he didn’t die quick enough for you,” declared the chief.

But lost in the aftermath was Mayor Lukes’ response: “Every single one of is going to die…I know I am going to be subject…to being cool, and cold hearted.”

Some of the saddest news, of course, was the passing of the one-of-a-kind Ralph Moberly.  A parade and all day celebration at Ralph’s are planned for tomorrow after services downtown; it should be a unique time.

And looking for something to do tonight?  It’s First Friday at Hotel Vernon, the series with the best damn posters in Worcester.


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The Electric Slide

This is incredible—if you’re in town Saturday night, you NEED to check out THE ELECTRIC BATON at the Hotel Vernon.  Check the WCTR-3 video here:

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