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The blogs we love, part two

4-rilla is for real/I Heart Peanut Butter Takes on Worcester: Yeah, they’re two separate sites, but as the most prolific blogging couple in town, they garner a joint listing.   One part an open look into their respective private/personal lives and one part a conversation of larger issues, this is blogging at its roots.

Hyphoid Logic: We can’t describe “Mike O’Risal’s” site better than Mike O’Risal himself:  “This blog is about whatever I’m pondering at the moment that I write in it. That may include anything at all. Mundane bits from my personal life, politics, science, fungi, genetics, media, dirty jokes, you name it. You’re looking at the inside of my head when you’re looking at this blog. Please don’t litter and wipe your feet before entering.”  Regardless of what tangent he’s off on, it’s well written, enlightening, and entertaining.

I’m from Worcester: Claudia’s quick-hit entries are always worth a read; we especially love her visuals: Even a burnt pop tart looks nice.

HBML Fresh Garbage: Like its brick and mortar counterpart, this is one of the most schizophrenic, bizarrely visual sites on the net.  You never know what you’re going to see, nor should you care.  Pure junk store porn.

There’s others we haven’t mentioned.  Among them: Worcester Love is doing some of the best work ever highlighting the positives in the area; Papamoka Straight Talk gets more national attention than any other Woo-based blog; Bill Randell is still doggedly going after the airport; and we’d be lost without the forums at Volcano Boy.   Shrewsburied, Save Fitchburg, and Progressive Fitchburg are all doing outstanding local coverage outside the city limits.



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