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Rosen in for Spellane’s seat

A few weeks ago, he was too tired to pursue his race for mayor. Now, City Councilor Gary Rosen says he will run for State Rep. Bob Spellane’s seat in what is expected to be a crowded 2010 race.

Spellane announced today he would not seek reelection next year.

Rosen says he had “no idea” Spellane was dropping out when he quit the mayor’s race.

Other potential candidates rumored to be in the race include Councilors Rick Rushton and Joff Smith.

Rushton says he is focusing on his race for reelection, and says, “I don’t think so,” when asked if he’ll consider the state seat.

On the other hand, Smith doesn’t answer any questions about his post-November plans, repeatedly stating, “I am focused on reelection to District One. My only focus is on reelection.”  Our best guess?  He’s in.


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Rep. Bob Spellane will not seek reelection

In a letter to supporters, State Representative Bob Spellane says he will not seek reelection for a sixth term next fall.

The embattled Spellane told Worcester Mag earlier this summer that he would “absolutely” run for reelection, saying, ““Nothing’s changed. Folks who voted for Bob Spellane in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 … continue to get the same representation if not stronger representation out of me today as they have throughout the last eight years.”

The full letter from Spellane to reporters below the jump.  Stay here for more analysis later in the day.

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Worcester lawmakers get committee chairs

Early word from Beacon Hill is that three local legislators have landed committee chairmanships in the reorganization following the ascension of new Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo.

Rep. John Binienda moves from the Joint Committee on Revenue to the higher profile Chairman of the Rules Committee; Rep. Vincent Pedone becomes Chairman of the Commitee on Bills in the 3rd Reading; Rep. Bob Spellane is now chair of Public Service.

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DiMasi steps down: Local reps react

Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi announced tonight he will step down as a representative and Speaker effective Tuesday evening, following increasing scrutiny into alleged influence-peddling by people close to him. The move fulfills State House rumors from last week that grew louder over the weekend as DiMasi started calling supporters, letting them know his decision to resign was imminent.

On Sunday, State Rep. Bob Spellane called the decision a “personal” one, and said DiMasi “will be regarded as one of if not the most successful speakers of the Massachusetts House.”

“He made a decision that was best…personally and for the institution longterm.”

Rep. Vincent Pedone echoed Spellane’s remarks. “It’s obvious that [DiMasi] and his family had enough with the media attention on the investigation. It appears he made a decision that it was hampering his ability to leave the house. I applaud him for making this decision and for stepping aside. ”

“I’ve spent 16 years in the House and I’ve always considering Sal DiMasi a friend. From a personal level, I’m sad to see him leaving.”

But, Spellane allowed, it is time for DiMasi to step down, as the ethics allegations into his friends are reflecting poorly on the legislature as a whole.

The long running jockeying to replace DiMasi between Reps. Roger DeLeo and John Rogers immediately reached fever pitch. Despite a reported 90 votes locked up for DeLeo (81 are needed to win an election), Rogers supporters attempted to tie DeLeo to DiMasi’s troubles in a public statement.

Locally, four out of the five Worcester representatives (John Binienda, Jim O’Day, Pedone, Spellane) are supporting DeLeo.

Pedone, has been a longtime DiMasi supporter, even campaigning with him in New Hampshire during the presidential race, but made news last year when he helped organize the first major gathering of DeLeo supporters at Maxwell Silverman’s.

“The group we put together last year at Maxine’s was a very strong showing and I think that it helped move the campaign forward. People understood that we’re not just talking about political chest banging, but actual numbers.”

He says the transition to DeLeo – a sure thing in his eyes – will be “seamless.”

“He brings new leadership, a new direction, a clean slate and he is a person that I’ve developed a close relationship with.”

“DeLeo and I are friends, we’ve been friends for a long time and I’m thrilled that my friend is getting elected to the highest position in the house.”

Spellane calls DeLeo “very responsive to my requests for my district and knowledgeable about what is going on in the city of Worcester.”

“He’s going to be a leader similar to DiMasi…he’s going to be engaged.”

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Write-ins against Spellane

Updated at 5:14

Hot off yesterday’s Telegram article about Bob Spellane that revealed a) Some favorable mortgage conditions; b)his ongoing divorce; c)his relationship with former Channel3 news reporter Brianne Mallaghan; and d)the job he may or may not have helped Mallaghan get (among other things), it seems EVERYONE is trying to run a quick write-in campaign against Spellane. There’s been a flurry of activity this

So far, the only candidate who seems “officially” ready to announce is Worcester Police Lt. William Trotta.

Trotta, who is set to announce in tomorrow’s Telegram, is preparing a letter to send to 13th District constituents that will include yesterday’s article and instructions on how to sticker vote/write in his name.

“A crisis exists in the 13th District,” he writes, “Help to stop it now.”

Trotta, who writes he has been contemplating a run for “some time now,” says in the letter, “I feel now is the time to act.”

UPDATE: Former City Council candidate John Mahoney has just announced his candidacy on the Jordan Levy Show. It’s not about Spellane’s personal life, Mahoney says, but about his continuing pattern of conflicts of interest.


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The phantom candidate

With so many candidates running unopposed in the primary, it can be a bit hard to gauge public opinion. One very unscientific measurement is the number of blank votes or write-in votes. For example, Congressman Jim McGovern got 9,942 votes, but 11,918 were cast, giving him 83 percent of the total vote. Not all incumbents fared so well though. On the state representative side, Rep. Bob Spellane garnered 1,990 votes out of 2,887 cast (there were 839 blank ballots and 58 write-in votes), giving him 68.9 percent of every ballot cast in his district. That was the worst of any other state rep running unopposed this time around. Rep. John Binienda got 81.2 percent (1,698 of 2,091 ballots); Rep. John Fresolo secured 79.3 percent (2,193 of 2,763); Rep. Vincent Pedone got 78.3 percent (1,468 of 1,874); and Rep. Jim O’Day got 77.8 percent (1,794 of 2,303 votes). Registrar of Probate Stephen Abraham posted similar numbers running uncontested, garnering 76.2 percent of the ballots. Meanwhile, State Sen. Harriette Chandler walked away with 80.1 percent of the vote.

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