Boston students hit the streets after Bin Laden news

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

All over the country last night impromptu rallies broke out after broadcasts that a US Navy SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden. Former Worcester Mag photographer/intern Matt Wright has photos of the crowds in Boston.



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4 responses to “Boston students hit the streets after Bin Laden news

  1. W. W. Will

    Since you brought it up. Funny that Worcester students were in noticeably absent. Or were our top-notch local new sources all asleep in front of their TV’s? It was a Sunday night after all.

    The Bin Laden murder is a non-event. Considering our so-called intelligence services took nearly 10 years to locate him and then they were not even sure that he was at that location.

    To spend a trillion bucks to knock off a sick old man is quite an achievement. Great work Washington!

    I like the part that the U.S. Navy gave him a proper Muslim burial. At sea no less. I guess they had to improvise.

    10 freaking years huh? Geez…

  2. zed

    The CIA unit formed to find bin Laden had been disbanded in 2005.

  3. Since the monopoly men and Madison Avenue were unsuccessful at getting us to agree to attack Iran, and since the working class citizens of Venezuela thwarted their coup attempt by demanding Hugo Chavez’ release and threatening to kill his replacement, there was only one option left for the marketing pros to blind the somehow-still-clueless masses to the monopolists’ real reason for invading Afghanistan. “War” has never been committed for ANY other reason than for grabbing or holding onto the target nation’s quick, high-profit natural resources. (Back in February of 2001 — several months before 9/11 was staged by those same monopoly men, there was a news article reporting that the ultra-religious Taliban had destroyed nearly all the poppies grown in Afghanistan, and had successfully outlawed opiate sales and use there. Well, of course, the Rockefellers and DeRothschilds and the rest of their lazy, useless, non-working, gluttonous, parasitic ilk were not going to stand for that, as there was too much easy unearned money and mass mind control at stake.) So, now that a clear majority of the working/middle class had begun — just as in the late 1960’s — to demand an end to all foreign intervention, it was time to boost this pro-war president’s ratings by conveniently “finding” their fall guy Bin Laden, who by the way:

    -Christina P.

  4. Boots

    Why do I find it hard to believe anything the government says about important things? Maybe I still remember the PFC Jessica Lynch or the Corporal Pat Tillman cases. Or, Iraq attacked us on 9/11 and Saddam has oodles of look alikes running around for security reasons, none off which were found. And OBL has kidney disease and has to have dialysis treatments. Which is hard to do in a complex with no electricity. Maybe he had a secret kidney transplant?

    I could go on and on but why bother? This is just another hoax on the American people. Just remember Oswald killed JFK and no one else did it.

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