Muni unions and city close to health care agreement?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Tonight’s council meeting was supposed to feature a budget presentation by City Manager Mike O’Brien detailing where the 131 city layoffs would be, assuming the municipal unions didn’t agree to moving into a new city-offered health care plan.

We heard from one councilor today who said that presentation has been postponed. When asked if it was because things had changed between the unions and the city since last week, and that there’s confidence an agreement could be reached before the next council meeting, our source replied “you could say that.”

Meanwhile, the House is still debating the final version of how the state will change municipal health care options, but questions still remain about what it will look like. More on this in Thursday’s paper.

Update: Looks like Friday is the goal. O’Brien sent a letter to the councilors today explaining the delayed budget presentation. The gist:

There continues to be positive conversations with City-side unions on the switch to the new “GIC-like” health care plans. I believe it to be prudent to allow these conversations to continue through Friday of this week to try to secure Memorandums of Agreements (MOA) with those willing to make this transition to the new health care plans and avoid lay-offs and demotions of their membership…I believe a budget presentation today detailing specifics of these lay-offs and demolitions, position by position, would create undue concern among these employees if in fact their positions can be saved by reaching agreements with these willing City-side unions within a week’s time.



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4 responses to “Muni unions and city close to health care agreement?

  1. zed

    I think City Dismantler MO’Brien enjoys putting a gun to the head of middle class employees to extract more cash and line the pockets of his administrators. How many of whom live outside the city Mayor JO’Brien?

  2. -Q

    ……..and the city managers extortion game continues in his never ending assault on the unionized municipal front line service providers that homeowners and families rely on for the day to day operation of our city. The city manager continues to refuse to make corrosponding cuts in his bloated overpaid and overstaffed administration………….the city manager continues his shell game hoping no one else will notice that the real savings will only be realized when the administrations pencil pushers and $100k girls/boys club are sent on their merry way………..whether or not there is a healthcare reform or not the fact remains the the city administration has to be cut to the very core – we cannot afford these astronomical taxpayer provided salaries that the city manager is all too willing to fork over for administrative payroll while continually dismantling our front line service providers……………to do anything less is an afront and an insult to all families and taxpayers of OUR city

  3. zed

    Yet his co-conspirators at the Telegram provide the top 250 smokescreen to stir up angry taxpayers. Get a clue people, cops are working lotsa overtime because they’re UNDERSTAFFED. And that cop on the detail in your neighborhood is pulling double-duty of traffic safety AND preventing crime. That little radio on his belt also means he’s there if your kid starts choking or house catches fire.

  4. -Q

    Jeremy S:……..Word on the street is, that as of 4/27, there is a bump in the road regarding discussions between the city manager and a couple of unions……….there may not be any movement in moving this issue forward because apparently the city manager still does not understand the premise of give/take in labor negotiations………..

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