Clancy won’t seek re-election

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

District 3’s 24 year city council veteran Paul Clancy told the Telegram tonight that he won’t seek a thirteenth term this fall:

He said he and his wife want to be able to travel more to Florida to visit family there, including their grandson. Also, after serving 24 years on the council, Mr. Clancy said, he feels he has accomplished many of the goals he set for himself, his district and the city when he first took office in 1988.

“My wife and I have talked about this quite a bit and I just feel it’s the right time for change,” Mr. Clancy said in an interview tonight. “It’s difficult with this job to have the flexibility to go away as often as we would like. I want to make my intentions known now to give people time to decide if they want to run for the seat.

No one’s rushing to take him up on that last bit. So far this spring 24 candidates have pulled papers and are still running for a spot on the council, but none have signed up as a candidate for district 3.

Clancy’s departure is a turn of events from this winter, when he confirmed to his colleagues and Worcester Mag that he would run again.

This will leave a glaring omission on the council floor, as there’s no one quite ready to take over the role of chief storyteller (2:05:50 mark) just yet.


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One response to “Clancy won’t seek re-election

  1. Peggy Sue

    Glad to see him go, He is a Chief Gemme supporter and a relative and allows that Tyrant to get away with too much wasteful spending of our tax dollars on personal vendettas.

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