Redistricting committee meeting tonight

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Tonight members of the Special Joint Committee on Redistricting will hold a public meeting in Tilton Hall at Clark University at 6:00.

Because Massachusetts’ population didn’t increase as quickly as other parts of the country we’re losing a congressional seat. Since this special committee acts like any other legislative subcommittee (albeit one that only forms every ten years) they’re mandated to hold public meetings. They’ve already met in Gardner and Springfield, but there aren’t many more scheduled for around here.

Lots of ideas are floating around by committee members, including Auburn Rep. Paul Frost’s idea to unite Worcester County under one congressional district.



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2 responses to “Redistricting committee meeting tonight

  1. Boots

    When has a republican had an original idea? This little spin by Paul Frost is going on in other states also. The real idea is to dilute Democratic strongholds and add more republican towns to the roster. Frost is just a little foot soldier for the power brokers of the GOP working for their corporate masters. Let us not be bamboozled by this typical GOP self serving pretextual rhetoric.

  2. Paul

    doesn ‘t say much for the Worcester Democratic stronghold if Fall River has to be included in it for Central Mass to be a fort…just sayin’ Bootsy but many natives of Woo live in Sutton and Millbury..many Woo city employees live in Sutton & Millbury..and many from Sutton and Millbury financially support Woo and the few jobs we have via their discretionary income and their kids going to school in it…if there is anyone lacking any ideas..well if the Boot fits:>)

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