Three suspects arrested in double homicide on 4.10.11 (Updated)

The Worcester Police Department has arrested three suspects allegedly responsible for the shooting death of two males, ages 20 and 21, at 3:16am, Sunday morning April 10, 2011. The shooting occurred in the area of 23 Crown St., and was reportedly instigated over a drug deal gone wrong. This brings the total of homicides in the city up to five.

The Worcester Police Detective Bureau located and arrested Michael Wood, 21 years old of 913 Main Street, Worcester; Bobby Tran, 19 years old of 913 Main Street, Worcester and Marcus Hayes, 24 years old of 31 Benes Lane, Northbridge. All three men were charged with Possession of a Stun Gun, 2 counts of Murder, 3 counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, 2 counts of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition, without an FID Card, Carrying a Loaded Rifle/Shotgun on a Public Way, Discharging a Firearm within 500 feet of a Building, Conspiracy, and Conspiracy to Violate Controlled Substance laws.

The men are set to be arraigned on Monday, April 11 at the Worcester County District Courthouse. The victim’s names are being withheld, and the investigation is ongoing.

Update: The T&G continues to flesh out the story as the day goes on. Reports from the arraignment include the names of the victims, extra court officers and some grisly details from the murder scene:

At the parking lot, the three defendants were already armed with a stun gun and rifle. Records did not state which defendant carried what weapon. After allegedly stunning the victims, another one of the trio shot the two men in the torso, police said in a statement of facts.



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4 responses to “Three suspects arrested in double homicide on 4.10.11 (Updated)

  1. According to one of the commenters at the T&G site , Tran and his roommate – both from 913 Main St. – are known criminals. If that’s true, then I’d like to know who the lowlife landlord is that was greedy enough to enable TWO dangerous felons to endanger everyone else who lives and works in this city by providing a habitat for them. The city needs to require all landlords to do criminal background checks on all current and prospective tenants. A Worcester landlord I’ve been working for since 2003 finally took my advice and started to require all tenants to pass a criminal background check. Lo and behold, he has tenants who actually keep the property DECENT now, so he no longer needs to drive the 50 miles into the city after work twice a week to clean up tenants’ litter like he used to – and I no longer need to wear a hazmat suit to go in and make the apartments habitable again. Also, by keeping criminals out, the landlord saves money on renovation costs and on the turnover time needed to get the apartments ready for new tenants. I think, too, it’d be a good idea for insurance companies to charge extremely high homeowners’ insurance premiums to landlords who provide housing for dangerous felons. That would keep landlords from succumbing to the temptation of just accepting the first applicants who can cover the moving-in costs.

  2. -Q

    Sorry Daisy but the city needs to stop dictating to property homeowners what they can and cannot do………this should not be a “big brother” city where on a whim the city manager and city council can tell private taxpaying property owners what they can do/can’t do on their very own property……….

  3. zed

    Agree with Q. With the property taxes they’re heaping on us, renting to anyone is the only option to keep afloat.

  4. Will W. W.

    Property owners, as Zed said, are interested in one thing – money. Your character is irrelevant. How many neighborhoods are dragged down by the likes of the petty criminals, transients. After 10’s of millions in investments in Main South, nothing has changed. It remains the city’s sore spot
    and nothing liberals can do can will change change it – throwing good money thrown after bad. Fact is, the city’s liberals have failed – as usual. No two ways about it, Main South is a social and financial failure.

    But to involve insurance companies? What for? Property owners are not required to have insurance.

    Background checks is the legal way to go. Anything more is inviting government into your life. We all know the consequences of that.

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