April fools

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

As far as April Fools Days goes, this one’s been a bit of a downer. Google announced two days ago that they’ve chosen Kansas City as the inaugural FTTP pilot site. The day before the “Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Ordinance” became law a man fatally stabbed a neighbor’s pit bull on Vinton St., claiming it was attacking his akita. We received a few inches of wet snow overnight. On a personal note, my favorite baseball team blew an opening day ninth inning 3 run lead on a walk-off home run.

Luckily, last night I finally checked out a blog by Esquire writer Chris Jones (the guy who did that profile on Roger Ebert last year) at the behest of a new co-worker. On it, he interviews Charles Pierce (The Boston Phoenix, Boston Herald, Esquire, GQ, etc.) who mentions why he was fired from Worcester Magazine in 1978. It’s no April Fools joke, but I thought it was funny nonetheless. Click on the link to figure out who he’s talking about:

He was also older than Moses and twice as senile. (When I interviewed him in his office, he kept picking up a toy B-52 he had on his desk and making whoooooshing! noises with it.)


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  1. Boots

    Interesting article with Chris Jones and his John Birch Society article. Al Southwick has a similar run in outlined in his Oct 28, 2010 column – T&G’s brush with John Birch.

    Stoddard brought back Richard Steele as publisher in the mid 1950s. I was a kid them and remember Steele breaking the union at the T&G. I remember reading the box scores of a Red Sox v Detroit Tiger game where the union replacements had Al Kaline playing right field for the Red Sox and Reggie Smith in right field for the Tigers.

    Now we know where the T&G got their right wing slant from. They haven’t improved since the good old days, in my opinion.

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