Worcester day on the Callie Crossley show

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

WGBH radio program The Callie Crossley Show had a Worcester focus yesterday as one 35 minute segment focused on efforts by the Chandler Street Business Association and a 13 minute interview with Ravi Perry highlighted the Clark University professor’s work as a re-builder of the local NAACP chapter.

The first segment lines up with a Brian Goslow penned Worcester Mag article from November and features two of the same voices: Bill Randell and Paul Collyer. Rick Rushton continues his Boston media takeover with an appearance and Konnie Lukes calls in, though she’s just introduced as “Konnie from Worcester.”


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One response to “Worcester day on the Callie Crossley show

  1. Chandler Street and Park Ave. would be immediately upgraded if grass median strips were installed, and would be more walkable in the summertime if medium-sized shade trees were planted along the sidewalks every twenty-five feet or so. Also, paving all the parking lots with starpack instead of asphalt (like the lot in front of that beautifully restored red three-decker that sits behind John’s Bakery) would look very attractive as well.

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