The lobbyist in the back

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

From today’s T&G coverage of last night’s meeting, and Mike Germain’s decision to hold a vote on proposed amendments to the city’s tobacco ordinance:

District 2 Councilor Philip P. Palmieri, chairman of the council’s Public Health and Human Services Committee and an advocate of the stronger tobacco regulations, said he believes “outside influences” are playing a role in trying to block the ordinance on the council.

Rumors (now confirmed) circulated last night that a lobbyist with ties to Altria (formerly Philip Morris) was in the crowd. While we can’t say if that had any impact on holding the vote (Germain took exception to that in the T&G article — update: and it should be noted that there was a lot of confusion before the meeting about who was in support of the ban and who wanted to hold it), it does mean that the additional amendments to the local tobacco ordinance that would ban the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies and institutions of higher education, stop the sale of blunt wraps anywhere in the city and limit any tobacco advertisement from being seen from a public area have captured some very beyond-local attention.



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6 responses to “The lobbyist in the back

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  2. -Q

    “Four Loko Palmeri” spinning more subterfuge and conspirary theories……..”outside influences are playing a role in trying to block the ordinance on the council”
    Palmeri should layoff the Four Lokos. Its all too apparent that he is becomming more and more paranoid than his usual self……….To bad the people of District 2 do not have effective representation………we have the same problem in District 5…………

  3. Boots

    The addiction some people have to interfering, banning or otherwise sticking their faces where they don’t belong is worse than some peoples addiction to tobacco. Any retail company has they right to sell any legal product they choose. Those who try to eliminate that right are walking down the road to fascism and have to be stopped. What will they want to ban next? And they will try to ban other things, because once they get a taste of that kind of power it too becomes addictive.

  4. Brendan Melican

    Funny, I’m sure most of the area pharmacies are also concerned with the outside influences attempting to impact their legally operated business.

    Related, Phil’s ponytail is likely to re-sprout once he realizes how quickly the prices of vaporizers have dropped. Maybe the council can ban the internet in Worcester to keep anyone from buying those?

  5. -Q

    Taxpaying businesses are now dictated to by the city council on what kind of signs, how many signs, what sizes etc….they are allowed to display and advertise their products, and not satisfied with that complete evisceration of our Constitutional freedom of speech rights, now the city council under the guidence of “Four Loko Palmeri” is trying to dictate what LEGAL products a business may or may not sell………..Someboday needs to remind this tolatarian city council we are still living in the

  6. -Q

    cont………United States of America………..somewhere along the line this city council led by the “Lyin Mayor O’Brien” seems to have forgotten that.

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