Two reasons why you didn’t hear more about the Goddard School

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

If the stories about the state and WPS investigation into MCAS irregularities at the Goddard School of Science and Technology seemed to fizzle out without saying much (we’re not talking about editorials here, just straight up news stories), a Telegram article from yesterday explains why: not only were the documents over-zealously redacted (which you can see via our records request) but instead of writing a fact-finding report to tie the investigations all together, they just hopped, skipped and jumped over that part and went straight to disciplinary action.

“Honestly, there was no final report, nothing that pulls everything together. The final, concluding piece was the letter that the commonwealth sent to the superintendent,” said JC Considine, a spokesman for the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

He described the process of looking into suspiciously large increases in test scores at the school as a fact-finding operation designed to inform the decision-making process on what to do with the scores — as opposed to a formal probe leading to a written investigation report.

Additionally, the article goes on to show the statute that allowed so many heavy redactions didn’t really apply to these documents.

But what about an investigation — and keep in mind that this is the term that’s been used by DESE employees when discussing this — that doesn’t provide any sort of written conclusion other than a letter of reprimand?

Gary Rosen, a former school committee and city council member and who has editorialized about this saga twice, called this a “lackluster approach.”

“If it weren’t so important it would be comical.”

He points out that the heavy redactions combined with a lack of official findings makes this even more difficult to figure out what happened, and show that at this point it’s simply a cover up at the state level.

“The cover up is so much worse,” he says, pointing out that if all the information came out in January along with the reprimand from the DESE, the story’s legs probably would’ve run out by now.


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One response to “Two reasons why you didn’t hear more about the Goddard School

  1. -Q

    “honestly, there was no final report, nothing that pulls everything together. The final concluding piece was the letter the Commonwealtth sent to the Superintendant…..”
    This is an absolute disgrace and an untenable situation made even worse by school committee members mullaney, foley, monfredo and the lyin mayor o’brien that refuse to be up front and honest with the taxpayers and residents of OUR city. These 4 elected officials do not believe in freedom of information, do not believe in accountability in our educational proccesses and they represent a rubber stamp minus the checks and balances they purport to be when voting and then to have the State to completely whitewash this cheating scandal speaks volumns of the disarray on the local and state levels. The taxpayers, residents and families of our city deserve a complete unfettered in depth report on exactly what ocurred at Goddard. Anything less clearly indicates a cover up not only on the state level but a coverup of major proportions here in our city………..

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