The New York Times follows the Telegram

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The inevitable day is finally here:

The New York Times rolled out a plan on Thursday to begin charging the most frequent users of its Web site $15 a month in a bet that readers will pay for news they have grown accustomed to getting free.

The New York Times allows up to 20 articles a month for non-subscribers, a little more generous than the ten allowed for the Times Corporation’s Telegram & Gazette. Like the T&G, not all articles will count against a reader’s freebie limit. Content will be open to those who arrive at a Times article via a search engine or social networking site.

Also, while we all thought that the T&G was the Times‘ test subject for this experiment it turns out the real guinea pig is Canada:

The 20-article limit begins immediately for readers accessing from Canada, which allows the company time to work out any software issues before the system goes live in the United States and the rest of the world.

They can never catch a break from us Americans.

Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. had this to say to employees earlier today:

“A few years ago it was almost an article of faith that people would not pay for the content they accessed via the Web,” Arthur Sulzberger Jr., chairman of The New York Times Company, said in his annual State of The Times remarks, which were delivered to employees Thursday morning.

And if the paywall doesn’t work for them, any bets on how many bloggers will write a “the Times regrets the error” joke regarding this?



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3 responses to “The New York Times follows the Telegram

  1. Did you catch that they aren’t charging for those coming from blogs, even if they’re over their monthly limit? It’s a gift to bloggers.

  2. MattB5

    I’m assuming blocking cookies will work for this as well as it does for Great use of 90’s era technology.

  3. -Q

    The paywall has been a complete failure at the once grand t$g and it will be an equal failure for the nyt……….

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