Canal District streetscaping set for April 1

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In an under the radar announcement earlier this year, Newton, MA contractors the Paolini Corporation has been awarded the $7 million streetscaping bid for Green, Water, Millbury and Harding streets. This is the only project in Worcester done with transportation stimulus funding, but this map and chart show where Worcester’s other $300 million in awarded American Reinvestment and Recovery Act money has gone so far.

Paolini and some MassDOT workers have set up a temporary office on the corner of Harrison and Green streets. Considering Congressman Jim McGovern has been talking about this for two years, it’ll be a relief to see the work actually start. Construction is scheduled to begin April 1.

In January 2010 MassDOT passed designs on to the city council, and I’m waiting to hear back if these are the most recent images we can get our hands on. Check out the before and after pictures.



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3 responses to “Canal District streetscaping set for April 1

  1. Mary

    Disappointing to see that someone outside of Worcester and outside of the Metro Worcester area was the winner of the work.

    How can we make better use of our own local businesses?

  2. Liberal

    Conservative radio blowhard Jim Polito came out against this on his show today. Mr. Nickname claims to love Worcester but would prefer it looked like a dump. Or maybe it’s the trees, he’s also opposed to gardens and trees. Or maybe it’s the bike lane, which makes it tough to navigate with that P.O.S. Ford he drives. Whatever, typical Tea Party hypocrite.

  3. right Q

    This project is the perfect example of corruption and waste

    7mill for trees
    Millions for drawings

    With 7 million they only retained 2 jobs and created NONE

    Government efficiency at work

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