Platinum Premier License Commission date set

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

From the website

Platinum Premier, the setting for the video of employee Easton Byfield punching a patron in a locked bathroom and stealing $300, will appear before the Worcester License Commission on St. Patrick’s Day.

The commission has cited them for violating six local and state liquor and entertainment laws, some of which are directly related to Byfield’s (alleged) assault.

Along with citations for failing to cease liquor sales at the proper time, the commission has called them on violating rule #13 of the entertainment license (the document on the city’s website only goes up to #11, we’ve put in a call for more information), violating section 9 of the common victualer license, which states “If a licensee at any time conducts his licensed business in an improper manner, the licensing authorities…may…suspend or revoke his license,” and breaking Mass General Law 138 section 16 (again, we’re waiting on more specifics).

As for the violations of city laws relating specifically to the videotaped incident, the local commission has cited them for rules #14 and #29, which stipulates that managers of liquor establishments are responsible any law breaking on the premises and should notify and cooperate with police during any subsequent investigation. (Read the city’s liquor license laws here.)

The meeting starts at 10:00 at city hall.

Update: The T&G‘s story has a pdf of ten pages of Worcester police write ups and inspectional reports.



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2 responses to “Platinum Premier License Commission date set

  1. Karl Hungus

    This despicable strip club needs to be shut down asap. There have just been too many stories over the years of this exact same thing happening….where there’s smoke there’s fire. Listen to the public: PLEASE REVOKE CHRISTOPHER STEPHAN’S AND PLATINUM PREMIER’S LICENSE! Please set an example with them!

  2. Chris

    Massachusetts needs to do the right thing and shut this place down! It is a crime haven!

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