Patrick Administration creates job for Gateway City issues

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The state legislature didn’t pass legislation last year that advocates said would have created economic growth in “Gateway Cities” like Worcester, Fitchburg, Lowell and 21 other former industrial municipalities trying to regain their economic power, but that didn’t stop Governor Patrick from appointing someone to manage any Gateway City issues.

From the Statehouse News Service:

The job, newly created within the Patrick administration for Murphy, will pay a salary of $105,000 and involve “work across the eight cabinet secretariats to develop, coordinate and implement the Patrick-Murray Administration’s Gateway Cities agenda to best address the needs and fully maximize the potential of these twenty-four distinct municipalities,” according to Bialecki, who is traveling with Gov. Deval Patrick in Israel.

In an e-mail to staff on Friday morning, Bialecki said Murphy will become the “point person” for the administration to build on the work it has done to help revitalize the older so-called Gateway Cities targeted for state assistance to help revitalize those mostly urban, one-time industrial centers like Lowell, Fitchburg, Pittsfield, Worcester, Springfield and Holyoke.

Jennifer Murphy is her name, and you might know her as the former director of the Citizens Committee to Elect Tim Murray. At least she’s from a Gateway City herself.

And as we reported in January, some pieces of the Gateway Cities legislation made it into the budget, while all hope for a full-fledged bill isn’t completely dead.


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