New pit bull/dangerous dog registrations mailed

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Using a bit of detective work the city has tracked down pit bull/pit bull mix owners and sent them the new pit bull and dangerous dog registration.

According to the city clerk’s office, 288 pit bull or pit bull mixes were licensed in 2010, with another 250 were unlicensed but had rabies vaccination records. The forms were mailed to those owners on February 28. The ordinance takes effect on April 1.

The idea to have either a council subcommittee or ad-hoc committee of experts craft a loophole for dogs who showed good temperament seems to have gone nowhere though, as there’s no mention of it on the registration forms.

At a post-pit bull ordinance city council meeting last September a visibly frustrated Kate Toomey, annoyed by holds on the motion, sent the idea to the City Manager’s office, leaving it to his cabinet for consideration. But the law department says they are not working on, nor have any plans to work on, any kind of exemption.

The pit bull license form lays out all the requirements of the new oridinance, which we’ve made available to non-pit bull owners here.

On a related note, the city also sent out 6,000 dog license renewal forms but is encouraging owners to use online registration and payment to save paper. As part of this first year of green licensing, dogs will now be issued a forever brass tag and will keep their registration number every year.

The 508 Podcast discussed the pit bull registration forms on their show last week. It’s the first segment.


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