DPW warming up to See Click Fix

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Back in March we reported on a website called SeeClickFix that some residents were using to report illegal dumping, pot holes and various other public property inconveniences. Our old article was lost when we changed websites in June, but See Click Fix summed it up on theirs:

Worcester, Mass’s Public Works has been speedy about responding to SeeClickFix posts from its residents. We thought that they just really liked SeeClickFix–according to Wednesday’s article in Worcester Magazine, it turns out that they didn’t even know they were using it at first.

One issue that came up in our reporting was there might have been some mis-communication between us and DPW — as See Click Fixed pointed out, they might not have known what we were talking about.

According to local journalism website Worcester Wired, it seems the city has figured out what this website is.

“It sometimes costs more money and energy to send people around the city when we could get an exact address the first time,” Sunryd says.

Using SeeClickFix, however, residents are able visually locate the issue on a map, which then generates the address when they click on it. It’s something Sunryd says the city is working on adding to its system as well.

The city may not have officially bought into the system (City Counselor Rick Rushton did raise the possibility at City Counsel last year), but they are certainly receiving the data — and responding to it.

While the DPW has their online system (and encourages SeeClickFix users to use their as well), one of the benefits of using SeeClickFix is all requests are made public and placed on a map.



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4 responses to “DPW warming up to See Click Fix

  1. jmstewart

    the seeclickfix map is not as precise with addresses as the official assessors map used by DPW


  2. Ghost of Francis McGrath

    After much promotion of their “NEW” Bright Idea of reporting pot holes to WTAG radio, Jordan Levy and Mike Messina were deflated when councilor Rick Rushton called in to point out that a better system already exists. Day late and a dollar short, the WTAG way.

  3. -Q

    As usual the Jordan Levy Show along with show producer Mike “Moose” Mussina WTAG 580AM 3PM-6PM is the best informed and relevent central massachusetts drive time talk show in the afternoon. No one even comes close!
    Jordan Levy represents the peoples voice and the mere fact that there are those that would try to tear down the good works of WTAG along with Jordan and Mike clearly shows ignorance on some people’s part.
    When topics of importance are discussed on the Jordan Levy show the poltiticos are listening and reacting………….keep up the great work Jordan and Mike…………

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