Vineyards are farms too

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A local farmers market organizer is optimistic that the city’s License Commission will approve his request to provide space to a nearby winery three days per week.

Andy O’Keefe, who runs markets in front of the Worcester Youth Center, UMass Medical School and on East Mountain Street, told the board this morning that Hardwick Vineyard and Winery would be the only alcoholic beverage sold at his markets.

John Samek, owner of Hardwick Vineyard and Winery, appeared before the board as well and mentioned a recent bill signed by Governor Deval Patrick that allows the 39 farm wineries in Massachusetts to sell their products at farmers markets, making this a relatively new venture not only locally, but for any across the state — so new, in fact, that the License Commission has yet to determine the fee for the permit O’Keefe is looking for.

Despite the fact that the meeting was only “informational,” all three parties sounded optimistic that wine will soon be available, it just depends on when O’Keefe can actually get the permit.

“We’re ecstatic,” said Samek.



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2 responses to “Vineyards are farms too

  1. How long until you can buy weed?

  2. -Q

    Just curious as to how the city council reconciles the prohibition of food vendor trucks serving burgers and hot dogs because – as Lukes points out – it is in direct competition to the bricks and mortar restuarants that pay more in taxes than just a permit. Well then, how does Lukes explain the farmers market located in Beaver Brook park in the shadow of the BIG Y Supermarket that employs local Worcesterites & pays more for its bricks and mortars and permits than a bunch of self employed out of towners selling produce from under canopies?
    And the farmers market uses city taxpayer financed property……….
    Lukes and Hypocrisy go hand and hand……………..

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