Piling on the MBTA

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

If the MBTA and MBCR didn’t know that Monday’s 3+ hour delay coupled with a two hour delay in that same morning would bring bad press, then they’re certainly playing catch up now.

The story is still being carried by major news outlets two days later, and MBTA officials have tried the PR move of actually coming out to Worcester to talk to riders. (No word yet on whether or not they took the train here.)

Over on the Worcester blog there’s a link to a Boston Globe column which, aside from an opening dig at Worcester, many commuter rail riders will enjoy reading.

And local blog Train Stopping, who’s been chronicling commuter rail issues since 2007, has posted an email from the MBCR explaining Monday’s issues and offering an apology.

Update: Here’s a video from today that shows passengers yelling at Union Station, and they quote the guy whose Facebook status we posted on Tuesday.


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