MBTA frustrates Worcester commuters, again

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Boston news channels came out to Worcester last night and this morning, even though there was no snow and nothing burned down.

From WCVB:

WORCESTER, Mass. — Angry commuters delayed two hours on a Massachusetts Bay Transportation authority commuter train line Monday night said they are fed up with problems on the transit line, even as MBTA officials said they are trying to find a way to upgrade aging rail equipment.

As one friend’s Facebook status summed it up:

Worst transit day ever. This morning’s train was two hours late. This afternoon’s 5 PM train is still stuck 4 miles outside of Boston, at almost 7 PM!!! Arg!!!

The MBTA recently purchased 20 new diesel locomotives from Boise, Idaho company Motive Power, Inc. for $114 mil. Those new engines won’t join the fleet until 2013 though, presumably because if it takes 3.5 hours to get from South Station to Worcester, just imagine how long it takes to get from Boise to Boston.



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3 responses to “MBTA frustrates Worcester commuters, again

  1. It should also be noted that the MBTA is considering discontinuing their on-time guarantee program, which would…further irritate commuters.

  2. Brendan Melican

    The solution has been right under our noses all this time.

  3. Mike

    You know what this country needs? More high speed rail! What a joke. We can’t even get low speed rail right. Nobody who wants to get to work on time can depend on rail.

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