No city council meeting tonight

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

As we celebrate Washington’s Birthday (that’s what the feds call it) and think of all that General/President George has given us (liberty, freedom, stigma-free wooden teeth), let us also remember what his birthday has taken away: a city council meeting.

No meeting tonight, concerned citizens. In its place I give you this clip of an actor reading the minutes from a 1996 Wasilla, Alaska town meeting.



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7 responses to “No city council meeting tonight

  1. But the holiday was yesterday…?

  2. zed

    School vacation.

  3. -Q

    Talk about a complete failure to be engaged about the economic tsunami headed our way. This is the lack of leadership that mayor lyin obrien brings to the mayors chair. When combined with the previous mayor, worcester has lost over 5 years of meaningful leadership eminating from the mayors chair and the pitiful end results can be seen each and every week – that is when the city council decides to meet. With the multitude of issues facing our city – this city council should be meeting 7 days a week to do whatever it takes to resolve the budgetary issues: pending epa mandates, state budget cuts to city, higher and higher property taxes while getting less and less in city services, higher sewer rates, higher water rates, higher civil fines, etc……we can continue on the roadway to oblivion like this for decades to come if thats what people are satisified with: higher taxes, no accountability, minimum city services, crumbling infrastructure – if thats what you want – then by all means do not become involved – silence is acquiessence……………

  4. Boots

    If the council met would they have solved all our problems? If the council had meetings every day would they solve our problems? The answer of course is NO to both questions. Reason being that if people are ineffective it doesn’t matter how many time they meet 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 still = 0.

    What’s with the Palin videos? Are they comparing Wasilla to Worcester? Palin to O’Brien? Dumber to dumber?

    I can’t figure if Jeremy Shulkin is a lefty or a righty? On one hand he shows videos on the stupidity of Palin while on occasion kissing up to the big turnip lump on the WTAG morning show. Which by the way I only watch (Ch. 3) when it’s going to or is snowing so I can get the local weather report.

    At least the City Council and City Manager aren’t trying to get MA legislators to pass laws to bust the public sector unions or take away Medicaid benefits for the poor or make it legal to assassinate abortion providers or make it harder for people to vote. And they don’t suck up to the misguided right-wing Worcesterites who love the T&G, WTAG and the circus clowns under the Tea Party tent. In short they don’t act like those sociopathic Republicans who make me want to throw up, to use the words of the late Boston City Councilor, Albert “Dapper” O’Neil.

    So who cares anyway? In 50 years or less we’ll all be dead.

  5. -Q

    “if the council met would they solve all of our problems?”
    I will agree on this Boots, there is such a lack of testicular fortitude on the current council and in the mayors chair that I was probably being too optimistic that they could actually accomplish just one thing besides raising homeowners property taxes…………
    The city manager is trying to bust city unions and his actions speak loud and clear – his main #1 priority is to remove healthcare insurance from the collective bargaining table and move to the GIC Plan – he believes only he can dictate what healthcare coverage city employees may or may not have…………….funny thing is just like the city’s senior retirees that were forced of their hard earned healthcare benefits it was over 1.5 years before the city manager, his staff and those not represented by unions had their healthcare premimums increased to the 25% level contribution rate that the city manager wants everyone else to be on. Why did it take the city manager 1.5 years to get on board?
    Hypocrisy and the city manager walk hand in hand…………….

  6. Boots

    If Jeremy thinks the City Manager is anti-union he’s crazy. And I’m not a fan of the City Manager, BUT, from whom’s collective bargaining table does he want to remove healthcare insurance from? The police union’s?

    Health insurance will still be available to all and how much of a change will the City undergo if they switch to the GIC Plan? I’m in one of the current City of Worcester plans and that plan is still available under the GIC Plan and most likely cheaper. I understand many other cities and towns went under that GIC plan and I don’t hear any complaints? If there were I’m sure the T&G, right wingers that they are, would be all over it.

    And by the way the City of Worcester was one of the last to require anyone qualified for Medicare to sign up. So the Manager is only trying to cut costs without eliminating benefits and not trying to bust unions. I was a Teamster union member for over thirty years and when I retired they threw me under the bus along with all the other retirees, so I got in the City of Worcester health plan because my wife was a teacher. It was very much cheaper than the one my union provided and I had plan choices which my union did not provide.

    But, I’m still staunch union. After all they did make the middle class in this country.

    As far as I’m concerned the Worc.City Counsel is a lot better than the Trustees of the Teamster Health & Welfare Fund. And the City Manager is a lot better than the jerk who runs the Teamster local union.

    So quit peeing in my ear and telling me it’s raining and quit sucking up to that ignorant phoney snake oil salesman on WTAG’s morning show, will ya?

  7. Joe Scully

    Hahahahaha! This youtube video is great!

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