This club can’t even handle me right now

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

From this morning’s Telegram:

An online video allegedly showing the beating of a patron inside the locked bathroom of a Southbridge Street strip club last year has led to the arrest of a bouncer at that club.

Easton Byfield, 35, of Thayer Pond Drive, Oxford, was arrested Friday night and charged with assault and battery, kidnapping, unarmed robbery and filing a false crime report. Records show he was arrested at Platinum Premier, 241 Southbridge St. He is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Worcester Central District Court.

In information written online about the video, Byfield, who is said to be a bouncer at Platinum Premier, accused the other man of selling drugs inside the club.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

[As Byfield rifles through the patron’s cell phone]
Byfield: You’re not nervous are you?
Patron: No, definitely not. But it is kind of like a personal…know what I mean? That’s kind of invading my privacy right there.
Byfield: Invading your privacy? Well right now you’re fucking with my money. When you come in and sell drugs to these girls they don’t move like they should and it takes money out of my pocket. I don’t care what anybody personally does, but when you take money out of my pocket [unitelligable]

Byfield: You ever fall off a bike before?
Patron: Yeah
Byfield: How about a ladder?
Patron: Yeah
Byfield: You ever been hit with a hammer?
Patron: Yeah, in the finger
Byfield: Oh, in the finger

Byfield: Check this out, let me explain something to you.
[He hits him again]
Patron: Dude, stop [Goes for the door, Bayfield stops him, punches him again]
Byfield: Hear me out. Hear me carefully.
Patron: Ok
Byfield: Don’t sell anything in this building, Don’t act like I’m fucking stupid. I know what the fuck’s going on. [Hits him again]
Byfield: Get on your hands and knees. Pray to me: Oh, great fucking brown dude.
Patron: [Repeats]
Byfield: Oh, great motherfucking brown dude
Patron: [Repeats]
[Byfield throws his stuff on the ground, takes the wad of cash from his wallet.]
Byfield: This is the sacrifice right here. All this right here.
[Patron protests]
Byfield: Do yourself a favor, you’re lucky I didn’t bring you into the basement and fucking dismantle you, ok? I’m not a bitch. Don’t fucking come in here fucking doing shit, motherfucker. I’m telling you right now, you’re lucky you’re able to walk out of here.

I’m no expert in intimidation techniques but I’d say the number one rule is “do not videotape.”

YouTube has taken down previous postings because of racist comments, so if that video doesn’t work, here’s another link.

Do yourself a favor though, and don’t read the comments after the videos.



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7 responses to “This club can’t even handle me right now

  1. How long before Q uses this incident as an excuse to attack Konnie, Parkman Mike or Barak O’Brien our leftist Race Pimp Mayor?

  2. -Q

    sounds like ‘Leftist Race Pimp was also kicked out of Platimums Club…………ever since the Paris Cinema closed ‘Leftist Race Pimp rockinrandall’ has been left outside in the cold……….how long before ‘Leftist Race Pimp rockinrandall’ uses this incident to attack Q?

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  5. We Love Q

    Video of the mayor calling those who want fair elections racists ->
    Picked up by several blogs:
    And it is also going to end up on a MA former state senators blog as well.

    Mayor calling volunteers racist and he says nothing about a black bouncer make white dude knell and say “oh great brown dude”.

  6. Will W. W.

    Good stuff!
    Has has to be said, he sure is one stupid SOB.

  7. Liberal

    One stupid SOB… Q or Mayor O’Brien? Or both?

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