Barney Frank raises cash in Worcester

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

On Monday night Congressman Barney Frank pulled in over $5,000 at a fundraiser at the Ceres Bistro in the Beachwood Hotel. The event was organized by Pulse publisher Paul Giorgio and former Worcester state senator Gerry D’Amico.

Some notable faces in the crowd were almost-100%-confirmed at-large city council candidate Stephen Buchalter, John J. Spillane, state senators Michael Moore and Harriette Chandler, State Rep. Vincent Pedone and City Councilor Joseph Petty.

According to sources at the event, Frank talked about “tax cut fever” (“I’ve never seen a tax cut fight a fire, plow a street or teach a kid,” Frank reportedly said) and reiterated that he’s running for re-election in 2012, even with the upcoming redistricting.

Touching more on the redistricting topic, Frank implied that US Rep. Michael Capuano is looking at a run for the senate seat held by Scott Brown, which would leave the state with nine congressmen for the nine new districts and eliminate any primary between incumbents.



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5 responses to “Barney Frank raises cash in Worcester

  1. Saul Alinsky

    Where do I go to puke?

    Paul Giorgio and Gerry D’Amico inviting Bwarney Fwank to Worcester now that is a surprise, …. NOT!

    Is Bwarney still crying about winning.

    How dare Sean Bielat run against the Queen or Cwongwess.
    And how dare he complain when my Bwarney’s boyfriend was stalking him.

  2. Peg

    Only in socialist massachusetts; there is no hope for this state

  3. Boots

    I think the City of Worcester should build a “Big Top” over it to house all the circus clowns. Like the previous commenters, for instance. Along with the T&G, WTAG and the Worc. Tea Party. The joint would be packed and a good time for all the capitalists would be had. THE END.

  4. Jihad Now

    Deceit-o-crats like Boots have no problem with Ozero, Bwarney and Fidel McGovernment allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt while denying that the Brotherhood considers homos and lesbians to be committing crimes punishable by death. Instead they prefer to insult those with whom they do not agree while ignoring the real threat to their freedom in the Muslim Brotherhood, This White House and those on the left side of the aisle in congress.

    Is the Patriot act suddenly acceptable now the Obama is called president?
    When Tea Party GOPers in congress voted against the Patriot Act last week, did they only do that because Obama is president or because they believe in freedom from government intrusion of our privacy?

    Boots has no clue as to who the real enemy is, never mind having any idea as to where the real clowns live either.

  5. Ron Reagan

    Talk about not having any clue. Why “jihad” the real clowns like you live between your ears and express themselves with a keyboard. You and your fellow compatriots are all a stain on America.

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