You’ve been served

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The ongoing battle over how much information should be released relative to testing irregularities at Goddard School of Science and Technology and Belmont Street Community School went public-public last night (as opposed to just newspaper and blog public).  After two 3-4 votes (one for each school) the school committee voted in favor of settling the manner without any further action than has already been taken, ignoring pleas from committee members Dianna Biancheria, Tracy Novick and Brian O’Connell for further investigation.

In this morning’s Telegram focuses on the emotional meeting, one that involved school committee members calling each other out over their pro/anti-Melinda Boone sentiments, parents echoing those calls and a tearful announcement regarding a letter of reprimand for the principal of the Goddard School.

At the end of the meeting Novick gave Superintendent Boone a records request for more information regarding the state’s investigations into Goddard and Belmont — keep in mind the school committee had no idea Belmont was looked at by the state until it came out in the Telegram via an anonymous tipster eight months later. Biancheria signed on as well. They’ve also submitted one to the state. (Worcester Mag submitted a similar request to the state on Wednesday.)

Many of the comments at the meeting and post-article in the T&G were sentimental, focusing on the achievements the school has made and what it has done for those living in the Main South neighborhood. But that’s not being contested here. The issue is that information regarding two Worcester public schools is being withheld from the system’s overseers and the public, and like any public document it should be made accessible and available.



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4 responses to “You’ve been served

  1. Wow. It’s not just about the public records. The School Committee is the boss of the superintendent. This is an employee not providing timely updates to her employer. If I did that in my job I would be reprimanded. If it was a material item I would be fired.

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  4. -Q

    This quote by Shulikn sums up the issue succinctly:
    “The issue is that information regarding two Worcester Public Schools is being withheld from the overseers and public and like any public document it should be made public and available”
    As a taxpayers and residents of Worcester we all deserve up front and forthright answers to any public inquiry posed.
    To have the Superintendent and the lying mayor o’brien be the final arbitors to determine what information and how much information the public has a right to expect is a disgrace to our form of govenment and quite frankly is anti-American.

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