McGovern sends letter to President Obama regarding Egypt

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

US Representatives Jim McGovern and Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) have jointly weighed in on the situation in Egypt, sending a letter to President Obama emphasizing their wish that the human rights aspect not go overlooked.

As the administration continues to engage the government of Egypt, in the midst of ongoing protests, we urge you to emphasize both privately and in public statements that all parties involved should refrain from violence and that any transition should be peaceful and democratic and ensure that human rights and religious freedom are protected.  It is imperative that the rapidly evolving situation not be exploited by extremist elements whose ultimate aims would be antithetical to these hallmarks of a free society.

Read the full letter on McGovern’s website.

Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown have also made their own comments regarding the middle eastern country’s potential shift to a democracy. Brown released a statement asking for embattled Egyptian President Mubarak to allow for a transition to a stable government while Kerry wrote a lengthy op-ed in the New York Times, in which he calls for an “interim caretaker government as soon as possible to oversee an orderly transition in the coming months.”


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One response to “McGovern sends letter to President Obama regarding Egypt

  1. Bozo the Blogger

    Potential shift to democracy, American style? I pity the Egyptians. The most morally bankrupt nation on the planet lecturing others on Democracy.
    And Kerry lecturing Egyptians about Democracy. That’s a joke if ever there was one.
    Poor Plato must be spinning in his grave.

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