Online Exclusives

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Snowboarding in action – Watch video footage of a past Sofa King New England snowboard contest, as well as footage from the new Contour HD cameras that strap onto your goggles while ripping down the mountain. Find them here with this weeks Two Minutes With… interview.

Behind the Story – Hear how this weeks feature on Deaf culture was written by an interpreter who worked locally for years, but until writing this story had miscommunications of the Worcester Deaf community. Watch the video here.

An intimate language – Watch a video of a conversation first spoken, then signed. See the difference between the two individuals having the conversation.

This is ParadiseCheck out a brand new song titled “Paradise” by local BBoyd featuring Gamble & Burke in WooTown Sounds.

Take the Plunge – A community of brave souls gathered at Wachusett to take part in the Polar Plunge to raise funds for Camp Sunshine in Maine. See photos of locals jumping into a pool of water in their bathing suits on one of the coldest days of the winter.

TOPICS are raised – The Clark student group TOPICS is making their cause known. Read about the group and find out how you can help them in celebrating healthy relationships in early March.

Gathering of musiciansFind a photo gallery of images from a Thursday evening at the Westborough Music Sessions and a link to find out about their future gatherings.

Transgender Equal Rights Bill Read about this initiative here.


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