Monday morning reading

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Jordan Levy’s blog hosted by WTAG posted a transcript from an online chat between a listener and a DPW customer service agent. It’s kind of like the “Waiting for Godot” of municipal service — a back and forth between two people, lots of waiting around, nothing really happens and in the end Godot (or in this case a parking officer) never shows.

[11:27:10 AM] Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Guest: [11:28:00 AM] You haven’t helped with anything yet.



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3 responses to “Monday morning reading

  1. Ya know, whatever anyone may think of the ole reprobate, he still has some affect on the local’s opinions. Scary thought huh? So WOMAG, why don’t ya throw up his blog on your sidebar. Jordo is always good for laugh.

    Speaking of laughs. Seems Stevie, aka Q, is persona non grata at – banned for being a nasty person. So maybe it’s high time Stevie set-up shop and started spewing his own homespun diatribes. We certainly could use the entertainment.

    Ya know what Stevie, me thinks ya oughta drop that Rosen guy – he’s definitely holding you back. Maybe WCCA will let you have your own show, a daily from 3-6pm – compete with ole Jordo. Wusta sure can use some fresh fools.

    Heck, maybe you’ll be Mayor in no time dude.

  2. -Q

    “wusta can use some fresh fools”
    with willy around theres no need to freshen anything up – this guys a laugh a minute along with his ignorance is bliss mentality…….
    poor willy as usual is suffering from envy-itis

  3. Stevie, wasup dude?
    Freaking T G I F eh.

    Dude, here’s a simile.
    You’re like the monkey who accompanies the organ grinder.
    Rosen’s the organ grinder, you’re the monkey.
    He brings you out at show time, tosses you a couple peanuts, you roll & tumble for the public.
    You get a pat on the head. Another peanut.
    When the show’s over, he puts you back in your cage.

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