Meadow Lane residents find lawyer

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

This tip in from former city councilor (and Womag columnist) Gary Rosen: Meadow Lane residents have found a lawyer.

Attorney Mo Bergman has been brought in to fight the city’s ruling that they must shovel the sidewalk on a portion of Pleasant street, or face fines and liens as called for by the city’s snow shovel ordinance.

Bergman is a former Zoning Board of Appeals member and made an unsuccessful bid for city councilor at-large in 2007.

The City ruled two weeks ago that state land takings in 1959 which widened Pleasant street now make Meadow Lane residents abutters to both streets.



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7 responses to “Meadow Lane residents find lawyer

  1. -Q

    after 3+ years of these elderly residents fighting the city because the city/state will not do their jobs clearing their sidewalks it’s come down to the homeowning taxpayers having to take on the very city that is supposed to provide safe clear sidewalks that either the state or city owns and get their own legal representation. Mo Bergman is a man of integrity and character and as the Meadow Lane residents legal representative, he will do what the District 5 City Councilor failed to do and that is to represent the D5 homeowners………….

  2. -Q

    Mo Bergman will make a great District 5 City Councilor. He has qualities that the current incumbant lacks – like actually willing to represent the D5 constituents………….it is very hilarious and sad at the same time, that now that MoBergman is involved in assisting the Meadow Lane residents the D5 councilor who after 3 years of inaction has now incredibly come up with a solution to this dilema……………

  3. mike a

    looks like the council got scared

    11d. Request City Council of the City of Worcester to establish a moratorium on the enforcement of the sidewalk snow shoveling ordinance as concerns properties whose rear lot line abuts a city street or state highway by adoption of the attached ordinance amendment as an emergency ordinance. (Eddy, O’Brien, Petty, Rushton, Palmieri, Germain, Lukes, Smith, Haller)

  4. Macafferty

    Scared? I don’t think so. Just “good politics” considering election season coming up. But don’t be fooled.

  5. Liberal

    What Worcester needs is Mo Mo!

  6. jena

    please go to the “Shovelgate” Facebook page and help show support for the meadow lane issue.

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