City council live blog — 1/18/11

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Want to know how much employee health costs are costing the City? Then tonight’s your night. Keep up with the agenda and on Cover It Live. See you at 7:00.

Update: A sheet of ice on the roads and sidewalks can shut down city government, but it can’t stop a reporter from showing up at city hall expecting a council meeting. So yes, the meeting was cancelled.



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3 responses to “City council live blog — 1/18/11

  1. According to the city website, the meeting is cancelled — do you want to confirm that?

  2. Tracy Novick

    Poor Jeremy may be there alone!

  3. -Q

    They must have all gone up to Pleasant St. to help the Meadow Lane residents clear the sidewalks they do not abut…………..I’m sure D5 City Councilor Eddy led the charge to help out these elderly constituents…….what was I thinking?
    Councilor Eddy has been MIA in supporting and assisting the residents and homeowners of D5……..

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