Tea Party tax abatement help

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Seven Hills Tea Party will be offering free tax abatement help tomorrow at 4:00 in the Osgood-Bradley building on 18 Grafton Street.

In a year that the city’s tax rates have risen, Seven Hills Tea Party organizer Bonnie Lund Johnson says people have been experiencing a rise in their assessments as well. She cites one senior she knows whose assessment rose $27,000 in a year without doing any improvements to her house.

“That doesn’t make sense,” she says.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, two more meetings are scheduled for the 24th and 31st. Same time, same place.

Abatements are due to city hall by February 1st.

More information available on their Facebook page.



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6 responses to “Tea Party tax abatement help

  1. $27,000 in one year would seem high. Especially given the burst housing bubble. If true I would say that not only is an abatement in order, but an investigation of the tax assessors practices would be in order. I would hope a city councilor would be interested in seeing that tax bill.

  2. Good to see the Tea Partiers doing civic work with the residents.

    Whatever happened to the good ole Democratic Party – the party of the people? Oh, that was another era. Nowadays they’re busy planning to purloin the voter’s hard earned cash.

    Maybe it is high time that the Council demanded that all abatements were made public and the property valuations (residential and commercial interests) of employees and officials and their families were scrutinized. But, the MGL does more than protect your privacy. Theirs too.

    But why would they? Because you, the voters demand it? How foolish. And you thought you lived in a Democracy eh?

    The fact is. It’s your problem. Yours alone. The Councilors are powerless on the issue. Or so they say. The only (legal) option one has is to submit an abatement. Actually it’s not that difficult.

    There is one thing you can do next year. Don’t vote for any pro-business candidates. And remember NOT to vote for Mayor Joe – he’s one of them Democrats.

    Remember Wusta, the system is there to work against you!

  3. -Q

    A simple free phone call to City Hall and you can get all the information you will need to file an abatement………..

  4. zed

    TP recruitment tool.

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  6. Following up on Stevie’s aka Q’s comment. He’s 100% wrong.

    City Hall or the Assessors Dept. will not give the relevant information needed to complete an abatement form.

    What you need is to compare all sales between 01Jan09 and 01Jan10 (Suggest Zillow.com) of similar properties (class code with similar attributes i.e, living space, lot size etc.) in your zip code with the City’s valuation of your property. Suggest you use MS Excel.

    Also double check that they have your property correctly detailed (See assessors site for Property Vales Detail) i.e., a garage or additional floor that isn’t there. They do make mistakes.

    It’s a heap of work but it pays off. The odds are not against you.

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