The evolution of a story

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A quick look at how Lt. Governor Tim Murray’s Tuesday night aid of two children from a car with a burning tire has evolved:

From the Telegram:

The lieutenant governor said he was driving behind his wife, Tammy, who had their two daughters in the car with her, when he noticed the van parked at Main and Henshaw streets with smoke coming from the wheel well…Fire Capt. William Metterville said the fire, in the left front wheel well and tire, was minor.

From NECN:

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray came to the aid of a Worcester grandmother when her car caught on fire…Murray was driving home at the time and saw smoke and flames coming out of the minivan’s tires.

From Yahoo News:

…the left front tire burst into flames

From the Boston Globe:

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray helped rescue two children from a partially burning vehicle in Worcester Tuesday night, officials said.

Headline from the Boston Herald:

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray pulls kids from burning van


From Skreened:



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4 responses to “The evolution of a story

  1. Well, that t-shirt is pretty rocking.

  2. -Q

    20 years from now it will be:
    The Lt.Governor single handidly defeated the disasterous conflagration engulfing the City of Worcester with one hand tied behind his back while the other hand precariously balanced a Coney Island hot dog loaded with the works and extra sauce…….

  3. Tracy

    Q, exactly.

  4. -Q

    How much are the t-shirts……..I think the t-shirt would make a great fundraiser for a worthy cause and I am offering my services in helping out to see it through…………WoMag………?

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