Lt. Gov. Murray aids children away from car fire (updated)

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Telegram and Boston’s Channel 7 news are reporting that Lt. Governor Tim Murray helped two children out of a car in Worcester’s Webster Square earlier tonight. The Worcester Fire Department said the car had a “minor” fire in the front left wheel well.

According to FOX 25, Murray’s office has released the following statement:

“At around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Lt. Governor Tim Murray was driving in the Webster Square area of Worcester and noticed a parked minivan with a tire on fire. The Lt. Governor pulled over, dialed 9-11, and as he was doing so, heard a nearby individual scream that there were children in the vehicle. The Lt. Governor approached the vehicle and helped the children get out safely to their grandmother who was nearby. Shortly thereafter, the Worcester Police and Fire arrived on the scene to help extinguish the fire. The Lt. Governor is happy that everyone is safe.”

Murray, as quoted in the T&G:

“We just got them out of the car and got everything out the car,” he said, no big deal. “Pretty much what anyone else would have done if they had come upon it.”

Yesterday Guy Glodis said he’d love to help Murray if he were to run for governor in 2014, but hell, presidential bids have been launched on less.

Update: The story has now gone national with a mention on Yahoo. They credit this as Murray’s second act of roadside assistance since he was elected to statewide office.


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One response to “Lt. Gov. Murray aids children away from car fire (updated)

  1. Interesting that Guy “I know everyone in the state” Glodis is beating the pavement looking for work. Must be the economy?
    Hey does he get unemployment?

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