Worcester makes the Onion

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Our fair city gets a mention in satirical newspaper The Onion this week. Unfortunately, while the story takes place in Worcester there’s no actual Worcester names or landmarks in the article. They even made up the name of a “local” Catholic church.

Update: The Onion does mention Fr. Paul Doherty.  There was a Rev. Paul Doherty in Shrewsbury and Uxbridge, but a 2007 Telegram article wrote about him thusly:

The Rev. Paul Doherty was removed from his duties last year, after he confided to church officials that he had “inappropriate sex” with a minor about 30 years ago.

Hopefully that’s just a coincidence and some bad luck on The Onion‘s part.

Here’s a teaser from The Onion:

Nearly a week after a statue of the Virgin Mary began shedding what appeared to be actual tears, worshippers at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church told reporters Wednesday they had lost patience with the figure’s nonstop whining and carrying on.

My favorite line is at the very end.

(H/t Kathy Barnard.)

As a side note, I’m sure The Onion rarely references actual things/people/places (unrelated to politics or government) where their stories are set,  but the paper started in my hometown (Madison, WI) and before they moved most of their operations out to New York City they would often use Madison-centric places and people. A number of times a story relating to religion or Judaism would show a picture of my synagogue (one of my Sunday school teachers worked for The Onion) and a story about “area youth” once ran with a photo of a friend of mine.



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3 responses to “Worcester makes the Onion

  1. Does this mean that the Onion thinks that Worcester MA is a big JOKE?

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