Crompton Park ice skating rink open

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Today isn’t the day for it, but there’s going to be at least one functioning ice skating rink in the city this winter.

The Crompton Park ice skating rink opened this weekend to anyone who wants to skate for free on a real rink.

The rink’s frame was built by members of the Carpenters Local 107 union, filled in with water sprayed by a decommissioned Worcester Fire Department truck, and human-zambonied by students of Ana Maria’s ALANA (African Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacfic Americans, Native Americans, and Allies) club.

In essence, this a completely community-led initiative. Along with those mentioned on top, others involved include students from the Gerald Creamer Center, Canal District Alliance, South High Community School students, Rotary International, Friends of Mike Germain, Wings Over Worcester, Nice Rink, Fairview Farm, Daughters of the Holy Spirit and Worcester Publishing. Pernet Family Health Service, located at 237 Millbury St has skates available for use and is also accepting donated pairs.

The rink is open from 10 am to 5 pm daily and can be found on the tennis courts.

In talking to community members, opening the rink has a greater significance this year. A month after the murder of Kevin Shavies just a few hundred feet away, those involved in building the rink say it’s important to push back against negative events with something positive.

It also proves to any doubters that all you need to make a skating rink is a frame, a hose and some cold weather.



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10 responses to “Crompton Park ice skating rink open

  1. zed

    I don’t skate but thanks to all involved.

    Surprised the City didn’t find a way to screw it up.

  2. Rockin

    You need to post some pictures please.

  3. Great pitch, Jeremy. Pernet has the idea of an ice rink as an outdoor community space for the neighborhood, making the park an all-year venue. They are working on a WinterFest. Last year, all the snow was melted and the weather was spring-like, yet everyone had fun anyway.

  4. F. Williams

    As a counterpoint, can you tell us what’s the status of the million dollar skating rink behind City Hall?

    Just as I thought.

  5. worcestermag

    Off the top of my head, the only update on the skating rink behind City Hall is we’ve got another winter without it. I think the same issue(s) from last year (no chiller) still apply this year. The boards are up around it, but that’s just to protect the oval from the de-icing chemicals DPW uses on nearby sidewalks.

  6. How about doing it the old fashion way? Pour water and freeze. Ya think with all the brainpower at City Hall they’d woulda figured that out.

    Joke time?
    How many councilors does it take to procure a chiller?
    How many councilors does it take turn on a water faucet?
    How many councilors does it take to figure out there’s an issue with the skating rink?
    How many years will go by before they figure out…

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  8. BensMom

    I visited the rink this morning (Dec 31st) at 10:30 AM but the chains were not off the gates. Is the rink open every day or only on business days? thanks!
    p.s. Very disappointed little boy but we will definitely try again another day.

  9. paula

    Is the rink open everyday why not on this long weekend Jan 16 2011

  10. paula

    why is the gates all chained up at 1:00 in afternoon on a Sunday

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